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In their first ever Halloween anthology episode, The Simpsons have a brush with an evil house, drooling aliens, and Edgar Allen Poe! Join us in celebration of what is quite possibly the greatest Holiday tradition invented in our lifetime…


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9 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Treehouse of Horror

  1. I’ve pretty much been waiting for this episode since you guys first mentioned Talking Simpsons!

    Luckily I recently rewatched a bunch of Treehouse of Horrors so I’m fresh on this one and can follow along nicely. Definitely agree that this is an awesome Halloween tradition. As a kid, these episodes kind of scared me a little, and as I got older it was cool to see the movies and shows they were referencing / sending up, and now going back to them with all the knowledge makes them even better.

  2. Hey Chris, I might be the only one looking for it, but can we get an RSS link for Talking Simpsons?

    Also, great episode. I remember watching this when it first aired and being blown away as a kid. And it holds up very well.

    The Treehouse of Horror episodes are almost a show unto themselves. Such a labor of love, chock full of references to horror and sci-fi both classic and modern. Like Weird Al songs, I would often enjoy the parody version long before experiencing the source material being referenced. Such a clever way to get kids to watch Twilight Zone.

  3. I appreciate that there haven’t been commercial breaks on the last few episodes, but I have no problem with plugs for the Patreon and everything else the guys do at the end. That seems right and just, and it’s the place that listeners new and old can find out about the other stuff we might like.

  4. I love the Raven in this. Love it. When I was a kid we had some Poe on the shelf and I read it, because I read everything, but I didn’t really get it. I had no idea what was going on in The Raven or anything else except the Telltale Heart. The Simpsons version does an excellent job of actually filling in the blanks, and I think, capturing the appropriate tone (mostly). I had no idea what a bust of Pallas was, or the implications of the Raven as a demon haunting him over his loss. It’s an animation tour de force AND great Cliff’s Notes.

    And it’s probably just projecting, but I now do see him as getting angry and fed up with the raven (but still scared) when I read the poem.

    Also, not all Edgar Allen Poe is just getting lost in the woods. The Masque of the Red Death and The Cask of Amontillado are both scary and horrifying.

  5. As a kid when I first saw this episode I thought the Allen Poe segment was boring, but now as an adult I think it is their best segment due to the work that was put into the animation and adapting it to the Simpsons world . Nevermore Yo!

  6. it’s funny that y’all should compare the look of modern Simpson’s to family guy, because they currently both use the same animation program to be made. ToonBoom. that’s why they look as sterile and cut out as they do, the characters are literally almost entirely reusable assets like in South park that they can peice together and make move. there’s a lot less of the old school hand drawn animation (even on a computer) that you used to get. One of my animation teachers worked at Disney and hung out frequently at the Film Roman studios. We went as a class to see the Simpson’s movie and she explained it to us. and also introduced us to the Hollywood tradition of not leaving the theater until the credits finish, as a respect to all the people who worked on it. pretty cool.

  7. I’m probably the only one who liked the “quoth the Raven, eat my shorts” gag, but I otherwise agree the interjections in that section felt unnecessary. Still, a great beginning for the Treehouse of Horror, which remained the only outlet for the Simpsons to try anything and everything while still being plausible, even today!

  8. relistening to this episode for like the fourth time and you know… I like that you guys switched up hosting/soundboard duties. that’ll definitely give this podcast a lot more character. well done.

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