Cape Crisis #161 – More Powerful Than A Locomotive


Hank and Dave welcome back Brett to discuss reading Marvel comics, watching DC TV shows, some Walking Dead spoilers near the end of the first segment, Macho Man’s love life, more news, and the best replies from the community!


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Cape Crisis #161 Question: Who is your favorite comic creator you follow on social media?

9 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #161 – More Powerful Than A Locomotive

  1. I definitely enjoyed the Supergirl episode and will continue to watch. However, it also pisses me off that they’re seemingly unable to cross it over with Arrow/Flash because of Superman’s mere existence (even though we’ll never see him). What’s the harm in some cameos from Superman (or even Batman) on TV with different actors and costumes? No one will be confused.

    1. They will absolutely cross it over with The Flash at one point, even if it’s an “alternate worlds” thing that Flash is already getting into. They’ve said as much.

  2. Supergirl was decent enough but The Flash continues to be the best comic book show on tv with the surprise appearance of King Shark. Sorry if I spoiled that for you but the willingness to introduce a character that dumb just shows the writers on The Flash don’t give any fucks.

  3. Brett was talking about Kit Kats, while Henry and Dave were talking about Twix. And I think Brett was talking about the right candy, but the wrong name, and Henry and Dave were all off.

  4. I’m sorry… I was very distracted this episode by the mystery of what’s going on in Brett’s life.
    is he… getting married, having a baby, moving or leaving capcom?

  5. So, I don’t really watch the CW DC shows (they’re good, but still just have a bit too much of that CW flavor), but I catch bits of them here and there because my girlfriend loves them. So, I walked in on the ending of the most recent Flash episode, and just screamed out “Is that fucking King Shark?! What the fuck is King Shark doing there?!” She was…confused. Man, though, that CGI on King Shark looked expensive as hell. They’re really putting some serious dollars behind The Flash.

  6. Hank was on. fucking. point. with the sound effects.

    No offence Chris, but you should let Hankleberry take over the soundboard on CC. Pass the buck!

  7. David S Goyer was on a recent episode of The Nerdist talking about Man of Steel (among other things), and Matt Mira straight up challenged him (very politely) about “that scene.” I think Goyer did a perfectly good job defending the movie.
    Short version: Superman was new at this and Zod gave him no choice. And, according to him, Nolan was behind the decision as well.

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