See The Teaser For Preacher, Vertigo Classic & AMC’s Next Comic TV Series


Get ready to say “Fuck Communism” all over again, as the Preacher TV series is just about to begin…

In the mid-’90s, DC and Vertigo published one of the most disruptive, profane, and memorable comics of the decade: Preacher. Creators Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon both have incredible runs on multiple series – Punisher, Hellblazer, The Ultimates, Hitman – but the 66 issues of Preacher and its multiple mini-series and specials are the team’s magnum opus, albeit a magnum opus featuring a supporting character named Arseface. The sacrilegious tale of a man using the power of God as he travels America with his ex-girlfriend and a vampire was a formative work for me as a comic book fan, and now we FINALLY, decades later, have our first look at the live action adaptation.

And yes, comic movie fans, you aren’t seeing things – that is indeed Tony Stark’s father playing the profane lead, Jesse Custer. Dominic Cooper is joined by Ruth Negga as Jesse’s ex-girlfriend Tulip, and Joe Gilgun as their bloodsucking pal Cassidy. Those 10 seconds of shots are certainly a great tease, and we’ll get our full first look this weekend when it premieres sometime during the next Walking Dead episode. Preacher, another gorey, long-running comic book seems like a good fit for AMC, though I’m not quite sure how Preacher works if the cast can’t say fuck. That was practically every fucking other fuck word.


Honestly, we should be happy this is even happening at all, now that the show is being produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Since the book’s 1995 premiere there’s been talk of it getting made into a film or a series. But folks like Miramax and HBO spent decades trying to make it happen, all for naught. Can a series so tied to the 1990s, with its Nirvana references and battles against people on both political extremes, can it still all work now that it’s nearing release? We won’t know for sure until it air in 2016, though you can use the wait to finally check out Preacher if you haven’t yet. It may feel slightly dated, but it’s still a very fun journey. And, if you read it before it becomes a hit show, you can act all smug saying, “pssh, I read that AGES ago.” Pretty sweet, right?




5 thoughts on “See The Teaser For Preacher, Vertigo Classic & AMC’s Next Comic TV Series

  1. Want to be excited but no way can they do the books justice on Basic cable. Having reread the entire series recently, the whole time I pictured actor Walton Googins as Jessie, but I have faith in Iron mans dad since he also looks the part. But damn Walton just seems so perfect for the role!

  2. I call BS! Where are his requisite white pants? Jesse always wears a black shirt with white pants. It’s his thing.

  3. Not feelin it yet Mr. Crabs, imma need to see Herr Star and the Saint of Killers before I commit. I am excited to see how they do the horribly inbred messiah kid though.

  4. wait, whaaaaat?! I didn’t know this was a thing! has this been mentioned on cape crisis? that teaser is… well, a tease. do you think Arseface will be in the series at all?

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