The Monday Night Movie November Schedule


The time of turkey and Black Friday stampedes is upon us, and we know just what films we’ll be watching with you this month…

We hope you made it through Halloween safe and sound, because it’s time to let you know what awesome movies we’re watching in November with the Laser Time community! Yes, it’s time for another month of Monday Night Movies! In case you don’t know, much like the freebies we did for Terminator 2, Back to The Future, and Power Rangers: The Movie, we pick a different movie each week, we live stream our fan commentary, and it’s available every Monday 6PM Pacific, exclusively for Laser Time Patreon members for the low cost of $5 a month, BTW, that paltry $5 a month also nets you a bonus weekly Laser Time, the first season of Talking Simpsons, and more.

What’ on deck for the month of Thanksgiving? Here’s the five week schedule!


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After taking the month off to make room for lots of horror, we’re resuming our trip through the Star Wars series as we count down to The Force Awakens. We’re starting the month with the chronologically fourth film, A New Hope, which we’re betting you’ve likely seen. What is there really to say about Luke, Leia, Han, the Death Star, Vader, and all the rest? Hopefully we’ll think of something, because we’re doing on the second day of November!


ROCKY IV – November 9th
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We didn’t do any of the previous Rocky films (doesn’t mean we won’t), but why not skip straight to the most ridiculously patriotic one? In just 90 minutes, Rocky Balboa buys a robot, watches a friend die, goes through more than one montage, and destroys Communism with his fists like the American messiah he is. This is one of the all-time greats of the ’80s, so get your hearts on fire and strong desire ready to watch along with us.

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COMMUNITY CHOICE – November 16th
Each month we like to open up one week’s film commentary to the audience, which is what we’re doing in November for all the folks in the Laser Time Patrons in the $10 tier! A week ahead of time we’ll open up for suggestions on the Patreon page, then let folks vote on the top 3 pieces. Will folks pick anything themed for the upcoming holidays? Make your voices heard Patrons!


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For the week of Thanksgiving, what better way is there to celebrate than watching the ultimate Thanksgiving film. Starring Steve Martin and the late John Candy, John Hughes’ trip across the country is a tribute to the pains of travel, buddy comedies, and fuzzy endings, with a tiny bit of gay panic sprinkled on top. Be sure to wash your giant pair of underpants before joining in.


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How do we close up November while recovering from Black Friday madness? With one of the greatest films ever EVER. Inarguably the best Star Wars film, this adventure movie has it all, from its frigid opening to its downer ending, and we wouldn’t change a thing. Well, ok, we wouldn’t have Leia kiss Luke on the mouth. Regardless, lets head into the holidays with the greatest thing George Lucas was ever involved in!


Quite a stacked month of movies, no? We can’t wait to watch along with all of you. Don’t forget, all you need to join us on Monday Night Movie is to own a copy of the movie (shopping through our Amazon links helps us, though there are always “alternative methods”), have a stable internet connection, and donate to our Patreon at the $5 level. Just to have it all clear in bold text…

MONDAY NIGHT MOVIES begin every MONDAY @ 6:00 PM PACIFIC TIME (unless stated otherwise) exclusively for Patreon members at the $5 level

6 thoughts on “The Monday Night Movie November Schedule

  1. Damn, these films just keep getting better. I recently downloaded the Rocky IV OST, so that’ll gear me up for the most stupid-yet-fun entry of the series. Too bad it doesn’t come with the music for Paulie’s robot!

    1. The movies are a little too good. There needs to be one bad movie a month because it would be funny to have the LT crew sit through a bad movie.

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