Watch James Bond Try to Rent a Car on the Late Show

stephen colbert, late show, late night talk shows, james bond, daniel craig, stunts, car rentalIf you haven’t been watching the new Late Show with Stephen Colbert, you’re missing out big time. Stephen’s show retains plenty of that Colbert Report weirdness, the perfect antidote to Letterman’s end-of-the-show malaise.

Last night, Stephen’s guest was none other than Daniel Craig, James Bond himself. He asked the super spy a pretty good question during the interview segment: “Why is Bond allowed to drive cars when he always wrecks them?” And then, we got this great sketch.

The good stuff starts at 1:14. Highlights include Craig cracking up just before the 3-minute mark.

Here’s hoping we get more sketches like this. The new Late Show has been thoroughly entertaining, balancing Stephen’s penchant for political humor with typical talk show fare. Tune in to CBS weeknights at 11:35pm to see the magic.

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