Agents of SHIELD “Among Us Hide…” Review

Laser Time, Agents of Shield, Marvel, MCU, season 3, review, episode, among us hide...The show’s 50th episode has concluded, and with it came some big reveals. If you haven’t caught up, now’s the time to stop reading!

We finally know who Lash is, and I honestly didn’t see that twist coming. I knew it wasn’t going to be the ATCU agent being staked out, but I certainly hadn’t given much thought to Andrew. And in regards to Andrew being alive, told ya so. He has the perfect cover, and is in a great position for his end goals. Lash’s identity shines a completely different light on Andrew’s role in the entire show, and it adds huge weight to a character we didn’t know much about.

Another awesome thing about this episode is Bobbi finally getting back into the fray. She’s been frustratingly stuck on the sidelines all season, but she came back stronger than ever with some kickass fight scenes. That said, her unwillingness to fight — and May’s egging her on — didn’t fit completely with her character. That’s okay though, because the end result was Bobbi frying Ward’s right hand man in a swimming pool.

Laser Time, Agents of Shield, Marvel, MCU, season 3, review, episode, among us hide...

She’s so great.

Hunter was another one of my favorite parts of the episode. It was good to see the consequences of his actions bite him in the ass, with every team member giving him a hard time about it. I liked seeing this mopey, grounded Hunter, and the trio of himself, Daisy, and Mack, made for a great dynamic. We need more of that grouping, to say the least.

Rosalind and Coulson spent the entire episode together, leading to the humanizing of ATCU’s charismatic leader. Having lost her husband to an incurable virus, she crafted a way of protecting Inhumans in the same we she would have protected her husband against cancer. ATCU’s method of storing Inhumans is certainly wrong, but I’m glad the show has humanized Rosaline and provided a legitimate reason for her way of doing things. I’m interested to see how this affects the already rocky relationship between the ATCU and SHIELD.

Fitz and Simmons were placed on the back burner after their important episode last week, but they still got some important moments in; having them help separate missions and crews was entertaining. The fact that Fitz is saving Will with such determination is extremely admirable — he is twice the person than most. Simmons, on the other hand, had a great scene with Andrew that paralleled an earlier moment this season.

Laser Time, Agents of Shield, Marvel, MCU, season 3, review, episode, among us hide...

Maybe next time, guys.

Ward’s Hydra shenanigans introduced us to a new big player: Gideon Malick. Gideon seems to have a long term plan — I don’t think one kills a Strucker child on a whim. I’m curious to see what he has up his sleeve. And speaking of Strucker, it’s been mentioned that another was anti-climatically killed after little use. I’d have to agree, and it’s disappointing to see Werner take the same path as his father. I figured we’d see him rise up the ranks for a little longer, but showrunners had different plans.

There was a lot going on this week, but I think the show did a good job at juggling so many threads. I’m not sure how much longer Andrew will be able to hold his cover: now that May knows, you’d think it’d be a matter of minutes before he’s in a cell. I’m hoping the show tackles Lincoln’s team membership soon, because I’m not sure that’s the best plot to drag out. Either way, the show is still moving strong and fast, with zero signs of slowing down.

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