Need New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Footage? Watch Japan’s Trailer


Tons of new shots in the international preview, including a bunch of new dialogue…

You may have heard that in a little over a month there will be a brand new Star Wars film, the first in 15 years, and the first non-prequel in three decades. Just about any geek who grew up with the films is at least cautiously optimistic, if not losing their shit iin pure excitement. Amidst the massive marketing blitz for Episode VII, the director said the recent Force Awakens trailer would be the last before release. He may have meant it from a certain point of view, because Japan’s trailer has a whole bunch of new footage added to its nearly two minutes of runtime. Obviously don’t watch if you’re trying to stay pure ahead of the release, but I doubt you can resist the power of the Dark Side—I mean trailer, power of the trailer…

Impressive… Most impressive… What’s interesting about this version compared to the previous one is that there’s a lot more establishing dialogue for Rey, but less Finn and Han. You get to see Finn and Rey meet, BB-8 gets to throw in a lot more beeps and boops, and we get new half-seconds of Chewie, Leia, and even Threepio. There’s a whole lot of flavor to this one, and watching it makes you think that Rey is definitely the main character, instead of the co-lead with Finn as the previous trailer led us to believe.

Do you folks have a preference between the two trailers? Personally I prefer the extra context and introductory scenes of the Japanese version, just because it gives me a better idea of where things seem to be headed. Feel the same? Or did you ignore the footage just like the last one, wanting to be pure for opening day? If so you have patience that rivals Yoda, and I want to hear all about it in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Need New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Footage? Watch Japan’s Trailer

  1. Not gonna watch it. I wish I hadn’t watched the original trailer, it showed so much. Even the thumbnail for the Japanese trailer is a shot that wasn’t in the other trailer. I’ve been trying to avoid spoilers but between all the merchandise, commercials, and trailers I feel like a lot of the surprises have been ruined. The movie is so close I wish that shit would just fuck off until the movie comes out.

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