Stardust Entrance Themes Ranked – Wrestler Theme Friday


There’s a galaxy full of entrance themes for the artist formerly known as Cody Rhodes. Read on as we count them down for Wrestler Theme Friday!

It’s time for another Wrestler Theme Friday (or as it’s colloquially known, WTF), Laser Time’s wrestling music feature where we count down every single entrance tune used by big name wrestlers with finicky theme song tastes. We’ve previously covered older stars like The Undertaker and Triple H on Wrestler Theme Friday, but now we’re focusing on young blood. Stardust!

I know what you’re saying; Stardust has only been around for a year and a half and his theme’s been mostly the same! Well, I had another list planned for Cody Rhodes so I figured I’d just combine the two. They seem like similar enough dudes that neither would mind, right?

Thank you for indulging my kayfabe. Now lets move on to the many themes of Cody Rhodes and Stardust!


Here’s the perfect case against WWE mash-up things and proof that two great tastes don’t go great together. Goldust has one of the most iconic WWE themes ever, bolstered by the fact that it’s barely been altered from its original state. Without spoiling the end of this feature, I can say that “Smoke and Mirrors” is also a damn good song. Unfortunately, the Cody Rhodes-Goldust tag team theme is just too discordant and random to enjoy. “Gold and Smoke” went together like oil and water in this case.


The “disfigured” Cody Rhodes is one of the most massively underrated character shifts in WWE history, as the by-the-books vanity gimmick was molded into something resembling Doctor Doom or The Phantom of the Opera (a role that is currently being done even better with Stardust). The paper bag-wielding, mask-snatching Cody Rhodes never quite caught on, and I think some of the blame should go with the far-too-subdued “Only One Can Judge.” The idea of muting and creep-ifiying Cody’s theme is a sound one, but the end result was a boring and underwhelming song that can’t really elicit much reaction from a crowd.


I heard WWE had a better entrance theme planned for Cody Rhodes when he debuted, but the songwriter was “Out To Lunch.” With that awful wordplay out of the way, I will say that even though “Out To Kill” is the very epitome of an undercooked and underthought entrance theme randomly thrown at a rookie, it’s still a pretty toe-tappin’ tune. It sounds like the kind of background music that would play when you’re customizing your board in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, but the crushing guitars with a country twist makes for a surprisingly good first theme.

What’s the legacy of The Legacy’s theme? Is Stardust’s entrance the brightest of the bunch? Read on to the next page to find out!

4 thoughts on “Stardust Entrance Themes Ranked – Wrestler Theme Friday

  1. I’m a little ashamed to admit that I kinda like that “Gold and Smoke” theme. I know it’s stupid but I’m kind of into it.

  2. I lovvvve Written in the Stars. Just wish this gimmick would allow for an actual title run (any of them!) or at least a hot feud.

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