Laser Time Patreon Update: November is NOW


Free stuff, Laser Time posters, a new podcast, and let’s bring back an old friend…

Hey guys, wanted to give you a quick update on all things relating to the us and Patreon right now. Obviously, HUGE THANKS are in order. We’re getting to do more stuff than ever, it’s been really fun, but obviously, it’s not without some growing pains. But yeah, even those of you who aren’t participating might wanna listen up for a second, because we’ve got our biggest proposal ever coming in below. Let’s start with some free fun stuff!


Long story short: The Monday Night Movie is like one of them thar game streams, but you provide the movie, we watch and comment together, and it’s been a fucking blast each and every Monday night (usually at 6PM Pacific) exclusively for Patrons. For those of you unaware of MNM, we’ve made it a bit of a tradition during months with FIVE Mondays to stream one movie free for all! And fortunately for you, this happens to be Star Wars (Episode IV if I have to say it) since we’re rewatching every Star Wars leading up to Force Awakens. Wanna watch Star Wars with us?! Did you see it? It’s right there above if you wanna watch it with us whenevs! Patrons rightfully fearful of revisiting the prequels alone can find our commentary archives on Patreon, and of course, there’s still time to experience Empire and Jedi LIVE with us and dozens of wonderful bastards. 


Click to enlarge! Art by Bryan “Graboids” Ward

Some of you Patrons may have noticed that you haven’t received your rewards, and we’re here to clear up any confusion. While capitalism usually dictates that those who pay more for things are better, people who donated $10 and over haven’t received their stickers yet. Like, AT ALL! For that I am truly sorry. We’ve let America down! And that’s because we wanted to save a little money and bundle them in with your Laser Time posters, which we’re officially unveiling here. It should go without saying getting physical merch made is pretty uncharted territory for us, but we’ve learned to a lot. Like, say, if you’re buying 500 envelopes to ship posters in will take A FUCKING MONTH to get shipped to you. Yep, the whole process was delayed by FUCKING ENVELOPES, but know we’ve got the posters, and hundreds of pounds of shipping materials I’d like to get out of my apartment ASAP.


Did you Patrons even notice you unlocked a new podcast? Well, ya did. Way back in the first week! And we’ve been dragging our heels putting it out, but as you’ll see below, our reasons are just and legitimate. For one, and sorry if I sound like a broken record here, we did not expect the level of support you guys showed. Within one day, almost every single goal we’d been planning for months was met, and the only downside to that equation was that literally overnight, I ended up doing three times the game streams and four times the podcasts I’d done the week before. We had to build out everything and we’re only just almost-sorta-not-really figuring out a groove for ourselves amidst all the new endeavors. But anyway, somewhere in all of that, and “All-New Podcast” was unlocked and here it is.


I’ll leave you to infer from that what you will for now, but I will say is it’s an entirely new show that’s very similar to a popular feature from Talking Simpsons, another show you guys and gals unlocked via Patreon! Again, I think I can speak for everyone here when I say we can’t thank you enough for that, but as for Thirty Twenty Ten, the new podcast you folks unlocked, there was one person in particular I wanted to speak for it: The guy who came up with the idea. His name is Brett Elston.


If you’ve listened to Laser Time, if you’ve ever been to this URL before, fuck, if you’ve read this far, it’s almost impossible you don’t know Brett. I’ve been casting pod with him for almost a decade and I’d like to do it on a more frequent basis. Perhaps you feel the same way.

A video posted by Chris Antista (@seeantista) on

For those who don’t know, Big Baby Elston’s between gigs right now, so before he moves onto something better and far more important, we wanna lock him into the old dick and fart routine before he realizes whether or not it’s good for him. Patreon is an ideal way to do this. It’s already done wonders for what we do here. Yes, we know, this is us asking for more money again. But you know, look at that Patreon number, factor in Patreon’s 10% cut, then split it four ways, and you’ll see why we’re asking. Nobody’s trying to get rich here, just do fun stuff full time for as many people care about it. And just as before, we’re not coming at you solely with hat in hand and nothing you already enjoy is going behind a paywall. Your money will net you new podcasts, article, live streams and physical goods, in addition to unlocking cool new stuff for everyone. $5 is that magic number, but shit gets really good at $10 too.

We have some new Patreon goals, some new Patreon incentives, some new tier rewards, some of which those of you who already Patrons will be able to enjoy without even doing anything! It should go without saying that it sucks asking for money, so please understand that we wouldn’t do it were it not 100% necessary to keep doing what we do here. And I don’t think I need to try all that hard to convince any of you that things would be 1000% cooler here with Brett on board in a bigger capacity. (Check out the Star Trek stream he stopped by to do last week!) But don’t take my word for it, read what he has to say on the matter. You might like what he wants to bring to the table. Thanks for your time, folks. Thanks for everything. Here’s a link to Patreon.

20 thoughts on “Laser Time Patreon Update: November is NOW

  1. I had no idea that Brett had left Capcom! I’ve just been catching up with VGMpire (I’m almost done with the last Roctober episode) so maybe he’s just about to tell me.

    I’m really glad this Patreon thing has been so successful to you dudes and hope for continued success because you all are basically half the podcasts I listen to (The others which I’m sure everybody is excited to read: Legacy Music Hour, Retronauts, The Retro League… god I live in a pit of nostalgia).

    Anyways, keep on keepin on, life’s a garden, dig it?

  2. Hooray, I was wondering Brett was going to be on more regular since he left Capcom. And I can finally stop bothering Chris about what the new show is (sorry Chris)! Time to up the Patreon Donation.

  3. wait…WHAT?! we unlocked a new show way back at the beginning? haha awesome!
    I have no idea what the hell that show could be based on the name. is it a cryptic Sphinxes riddle? hmm?

    I hope Brett sticks around for a while I miss him being in there with y’all making noise and laughing it up. y’all need to get the band together. I need more trek lovin, comic bookin, vidjagamin, music choosin, Brett in my headphones. yup!

  4. I’m already pledging 20 but if we seem to plateau I’ll bump that shit up! Also amazing poster I expect no less from Grabiods and thanks for the 10 tier sticker explanation.

  5. I’ve been wondering about that show for awhile now, but didn’t want to ask cause I knew you guys were so busy… I’d love to have Brett around more! Definitely gonna throw another $5 into the patreon 🙂

  6. If we don’t get Brett on Laser Time as a full-timer, we get the darkest timeline where Brett works at a Sausalito Toys R Us as a store supervisor. He can’t clean up toilets with semen-stained YuGiOh cards in them…not again, NOT EVER!

    1. For real, Bryan is the complete and total shit, and his prints are fucking amazing. He’s done pretty much all our art, right down to the Thirty Twenty Ten logo we revealed above.

  7. Just received my poster and sticker today and now I see Brett has officially started the LT docking process. What a great day. Planning on upping my monthly pledge some time today. Good luck guys and ladies.

  8. Upped my pledge to bring the Brelston on board!

    And as someone old enough to clearly remember everything that happened during those Simpsons History segments, I’m super-hyped for the new podcast!

  9. Dang, well I hate to admit I’ve been a bad fan and have yet to donate to the patreon. Moving out and starting university has got me watching my money a bit more but I can at least throw in 5 bucks a month with all this going on! And more Brett is always something I can agree with.

  10. More than happy to have kicked a few extra bucks your way to get Brett on board full time. Love the LT community, and love how we hit the first new goal within a day of hearing about Brelston’s involvement!

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