Talking Simpsons – Dancin’ Homer


In a first for the series, Homer gets a new job. Bob, Chris, Henry, and Dave soak in the novelty of that, plus a ton of great baseball observations as this episode takes us all the way to Capital City …


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11 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Dancin’ Homer

  1. I have to respectfully disagree with Dave about the use of “professional baseball.” I grant that it might just be the sabrmetric nerd circles I hang out in, but minor league baseball is professional baseball, and if some AA team lost like 30 straight games I think it would be fine to categorize that as one of the longest losing streaks in professional baseball, as opposed to Major League Baseball, but the context I most often see “professional” used to be larger than “major league” is when discussing Japanese players. You’ll often see Ichiro’s “professional baseball hit total” as a record.

    You’ll often hear Sadaharu Oh discussed as one of the home run leaders of professional baseball. The term is also frequently used to include Negro League players.

    1. The guy who doesn’t know anything about baseball (Chris) was right in saying they get paid they’re professionals.

  2. Also, another hidden benefit of minor league games is that due to a lack of TV commercials, they generally come in at 2 hours or less. It’s great! So many people complain about the length of major league games, but the true cause of the slow pace is actually commercials, which have gotten longer and longer just like in every other form of television programming. Speeding up baseball is as simple as cutting ad revenue, which is why it will never happen.

    1. Well this past season MLB was really strict about keeping the time inbetween innings and other minor time wasters getting games to a tidy 3 hours. It was getting absurd.

  3. Hey Chris, you seemed to be a little confused about the Capital City Goofball line, “The game is official,” regarding the fifth inning of a baseball game.

    This is actually a reference to a rule in baseball that states; if a game is rained out or cancelled before the fifth inning, it is considered a No Contest and is not recorded as an official game. However, once the game gets through the fifth inning, the game is considered “official”, and even if it is called to an end early for rain or another reason, it will still be recorded as a complete game in the stat books.

    Keep up the great work guys! I am really digging this season of Talking Simpsons. Much better episodes to talk about than in Season 1.

  4. As a kid in the UK it took me a long time to realise that Capital City wasn’t a real place. The fact it had a song really threw me. Also minor league players are paid to play Baseball so it is “Professional Baseball”.

  5. My minor league baseball team in Indianapolis always had a big fat guy in a red shirt who would dance on the dug outs during the games. I have memories of this guy doing the YMCA during the game to hype the crowd. I was bummed when he stopped showing up. I wish I could find anything about him online.

  6. “My wife and kids stood by me…on the way home I realized how little that helped.” – Homer. I’m disappointed this didn’t get considered for line of the show. Otherwise, great podcast!

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