Tomb Raider Meets Broad City As Our Geek Loves Collide!


Abbi and Ilana rule Comedy Central, and now they’ve come together to promote the new Tomb Raider via their awesomeness…

In case you missed their insight into the horrors of Columbus Day, you folks should be aware I’m a huge fan of Broad City. Abbi and Ilana’s friendship is one of the funniest and inspiring on TV, with each episode making you wish to be invited to one of their sleepovers. Well, it looks like Microsoft are fans too, because the two were hired to make an ad for Rise of the Tomb Raider. Or is this just the making of that ad? Or is this a fake making of that’s actually the ad itself? I’m so confused… At least they look cute in those parkas.

I like that Abbi can have fun with basically being cast as a man, while Ilana looks sick in her Lara garb. I wonder if Ilana will stream her playing any of it – she used to have her own stoned let’s plays in case you didn’t know.

Seriously, watch Broad City if you haven’t yet. You are missing out. As for Rise of the Tomb Raider, me and Rudden shared our thoughts on the game’s first couple hours in a let’s play of our own!





4 thoughts on “Tomb Raider Meets Broad City As Our Geek Loves Collide!

  1. You gotta plug the shit out of season 3 once it comes around! Maybe we’ll find out how much Bob Balaban enjoyed being pegged by Susie Essman….

  2. hah! I think the behind the scenes IS the actual ad. it’s the kind of subversive behavior/action they would have to such an offer. genuine, but jokey and fun.

  3. Clarification: the behind the scenes is not the actual ad. I saw the full ad yesterday during a football game I think. It’s amazing.

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