Watch Undertaker tombstone a turkey on… The Tonight Show??


Wow, so, tonight on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, The Undertaker walked out and performed his finishing move on an unsuspecting turkey man… and NBC already has it uploaded to YouTube!

Nothing too fancy, he comes out, lands the move and Jimmy attempts to shake his hand. It’s a great random bit that further promotes what will likely be Taker’s last year in action… or least prominence of any kind, right?


But yeah, I’m almost more surprised this was uploaded so fast?? Granted I don’t follow many networks on social media but still, hats off!

3 thoughts on “Watch Undertaker tombstone a turkey on… The Tonight Show??

  1. I would like to point out that the guy in the turkey costume is Brad Maddox. He goes from being the GM on RAW to being tombstoned by Taker on Fallon while wearing a turkey outfit. His career is going places.
    As for the social media thing. NBC are surprisingly all over that shit. SNL sketches are put on the internet an hour after it airs.

  2. Yeah all of the late night shows are pretty quick posting their stuff on the internet. I haven’t enjoyed much of Taker recently but this was cool. What’s with WWE’s recent love of fake TV lightning?

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