The 15 Greatest Mr. Show Sketches Ever

10. Wicked Sceptre

Mr. Show really loved mocking the overly serious nature of metal bands (see our previous entry) though it’s the most hilariously homoerotic. Just like how famous rockers Tommy Lee and Bret Michaels became the stars of sex tapes, glam band Wicked Sceptre had their sexploilts leak. Wicked Sceptre doesn’t seem to get why people are freaking out about their party video, despite numerous failed attempts to convince them they’re continually having gay sex with each other.

“Dude, show me your weenis!”

Obstinate, idiotic denial is at the core of most Mr. Show sketches, and this one finds it in the most closeted band ever, constantly screwing each other without recognizing it’s “gay.” The sketch also gets bonus points for the cleverly descriptive line “Then I use that erection to masturbate with.” Once again Bob and David took a potentially crass subject and took it past its logical extreme to hilarious effect, all while finding time to throw in some gay panic satire. – Henry Gilbert

9. Coupon: The Movie

A bloated, arrogant, unnecessary movie dies at the box office and a room full of stuffy rich turds argues over who to blame – it’s modern Hollywood, baby! But unlike The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Coupon: The Movie and its creators successfully sue the snarky public and FORCE them all to watch the flop!

“The woman totally used a coupon to buy some socks!”

It’s a bit longer than most sketches, but holy shit are there some great gags. David’s monster eyes, the tube sock POV camera, the full screen explosion of the family plummeting to their death… there’s just so many memorable moments crammed into 10 minutes of TV. I mean, I think we’re legally mandated to recommend it here, since the US Attorney General declared it “A required romp.” – Brett Elston

8. Lie detector

Part of Mr. Show’s reputation is being the sketch comedy renegade. The bannermen of Alternative Comedy! The anti-SNL! Yet Lie Detector is a sketch that would feel right at home on The Carol Burnett Show.

“It was for charity!”

It’s hardly risky material, but with no wasted lines, damned if it isn’t the perfect comedy piece from beginning to end. In fact, I’d go as far to say this sketch is the second funniest comedic moment EVER involving a lie detector machine. – Chris Antista

7. Blow up the Moon

Mr. Show made it a point to avoid topicality. But in the case of this sketch, it simultaneously and somewhat accidentally), created it’s most topical and timeless sketch yet. During its most fangless moments, Blow Up the Moon is still a brilliant send up of the 24-hour news cycle. If you lean a bit more cynical, it’s a wonderful skewering of blind, stupid patriotism.

“Let’s Do This.”

My opinion aside, it’s the perfect kind of political sketch, in that it isn’t saying anything political at all. Anyone of any political affiliation can easily project anything they’d like onto this tale of a dopey populace raa-raaing the needless destruction of the moon. Personally, I’ve never been able to watch CNN or Fox News for longer than five minutes without yelling a line from this sketch. And keep an eye out for Sarah Silverman, who makes a brief but impactful a Mr. Show appearance. – Chris Antista

6. Pre-Taped Call In Show

This isn’t just one of Mr. Show’s best sketches, it’s also the most humorously convoluted. It starts off simple enough with David playing frazzled talk show host Ken Doral. All he wanted was to do an informative discussion with the public on the issues though this discussion couldn’t be done live. Each show is recorded a week in advance, right as the previous week’s episode is airing, leading folks to call in for the wrong topic. Cross is so good at surfacing Doral’s barely contained rage at each caller, and then the sketch begins to start consuming itself like an ouroboros.

“If you’re watching me talk about the elderly, don’t call to talk about it. It’s too late.”

The timing of of Doral’s angry reveal of the TV set leads to shows within shows within shows, leaving the audience to gaze in wonder as you start doing the math in your head. You realize that at the same moment each show Doral cut to a live feed of the network, and showed previous episodes where Ken was less-tortured. There’s so much story being told in-between those moments and so much for the viewer to imagine on their own – is the episode viewers are watching ‘live’ in the sketch what Doral is currently pointing to on the show he’s actually recording? It’s a convoluted mindfuck of a sketch that sticks with you long after the laughs stop. – Henry Gilbert

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12 thoughts on “The 15 Greatest Mr. Show Sketches Ever

  1. Awesome article you guys. Mr.Show is one of my absolute favourite shows of all time, and I consider it the basis of my comedy nerdery. You guys introduced it to me, so I really have to thank you for that.

    My personal favourite sketches are all on this list (Everest, Monster Parties, and Blow up the Moon) but there’s one sketch I am honestly shocked not to see on here, just because so many people consider it to be the best sketch of the entire series.

    I’m talking about Audition of course. I know it’s played out and cliche to talk about how brilliant that sketch is, but it really can’t be overstated. I’ve seen it described as the platonic ideal of sketch comedy, and I kind of feel like that’s appropriate. It may not be the funniest, but on a pure, structural level, it’s pretty much perfect. I’m curious about your thought process about not having it on the list.

  2. My favorite Mr.Show skit will always be “24 the Highest Number”. It was my very first thanks to you guys playing it during one of the breaks in Talk Radar 24. That skit lead me on a journey to one day buy the complete Mr.Show boxset several years later. Man, how far we’ve come. Talk Radar reached a total of 24 episodes and now Lasertime is approaching its 24th episode with a Patreon giving y’all 24 dollars a month. And I a 23 year old that will turn 24 in 10 months. Damn, I was so close to a great end to this joke.

  3. Great list guys! Mr. Show is pretty much synonymous with Laser Time, since you guys introduced it to me during the TDAR days, so seeing articles like this is really awesome. My favorite sketches would have to be Larry Kleist: Rapist and Fuzz the Musical. “How High the Mountain” is permanently stuck in my head.

  4. ‘Gibbons Vs. Fairsley’ is so damned funny, and so sadly on point as well.

    (Could we get an honorable mention for ‘Evil Genius Telethon’?)

  5. The best sketch in my mind is still Devastator at Thrill World, since it was about this clearly deadly rollercoaster that somehow became an pandemic where everyone is dead or dying, including one the local favorite Hutchinson brothers. Also the news report talking to the people who are planning for this deadly rollercoaster ends up in a cruel twist of fate, prepared to go on the Devastator. Then again, I AIN’T ‘FRAID OF NO ROLLYCOASTER.

    1. You should try to find them digitally. Like all sketch shows there are a few misses, but overall every season is pretty spectacular.

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