Vidjagame Apocalypse 138 – Grapplingest Hooks


This week, we go unabashedly old-school in honor of LaserTime’s newest full-time member, Brett Elston – who couldn’t make it, leaving us to stumble through a frank discussion of grappling hooks and swing physics without him. Then we dig into Fallout 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider and a few other big releases, talk about some Overwatch and (pre-Direct) Nintendo news, and take a look at your favorite places to call home in games.

Question of the Week

What’s the most difficult choice you’ve had to make between two (or more) games that came out at the same time?




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12 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 138 – Grapplingest Hooks

  1. Dave’s shitty puns were really starting to grate on me.

    Then he brought me back with Artie Lightfoot on Mad TV.

    1. Also, you guys forgot the best Grappling Hook in gaming.

      The Power Harpoon and Tow Cable from every Hoth sequence of every Star Wars video game ever.

  2. Great topic. Hopefully Tyler isn’t on this episode. He might be tight with the Lasertime crew, but that chemistry doesn’t come through on podcasts.

  3. If the kinect is that annoying just unplug it…..

    The X1 isn’t perfect but they’re continually trying to improve on it and have become way more focused on games lately. Have to give credit for that.

    My first xbox one had that issue with the disc but just holding for a split second makes it play fine.

    QOTW: How about pokemon games? Choosing between which version to get has always been hard for me because they each always have a specific Poke I want that the other doesn’t have. With internet trading it is a bit easier so I’d go back to Gold/Silver specifically as the tough part of trying to narrow down my choice. I remember liking Lugia way more but liking the exclusive pokes in Gold more so I went with that.

  4. Most difficult choice between 2 games:

    It was between Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. I had to be maybe 11 or 12 when that game came out. I was going to a local Hollywood video that had game crazy right inside to preorder my copy. I was staring at the two posters on the wall for I swear what felt like hours. I was trying to make my decision based on who I liked better Din or Nayru. Overall it was Fafore I liked best because she’s green sadly they skipped her and went for the other two. Then I turned to what story sounded more appealing. So I had to ask the person working there. Well the game hadn’t been released yet so there was nothing they could really tell me. Lastly for some reason I turned to my mom and asked her what I should get. My mom does not play games of any sort so I have no idea why I asked her. I guess because she was the only person there at this point. She told me “Get the red one they’re the same thing.” Now that I am older yea they were kind of the same thing. I remember this being a really big deal because I could only get one. So this had to be THE ONE. I did end up getting seasons and paid for the game with my saved up allowance.

    The worst part though was when I came in to pick up my game the guy there said they had no more copies. When I told them I pre ordered and paid in full they looked at me like I was crazy. At this point my mom got mad and started raising hell with the guy. When we showed them my receipt turns out the guy charged me for some other game and pocketed the cash. Said person was fired long before my mom and I returned. So bad part on us for not looking at the receipt and screw the dude who would that to a kid, because of that I did not do preordering of any sort for long, long, time.

  5. Most difficult choice between two games:
    In 1996 I had to decide if I should trade in my SNES library to preorder FF VII and pay for most of a PS1. At the time, I thought trading in all these games I had beaten would net me a new console and a game I was giga-hyped for was a great deal, so I did it.

    A couple years later I had a lot of regret when I realized my SNES library was pretty-much a list of greatest-hits for the system. “Final Fantasy 2”, “Final Fantasy 3”, Secret of Mana, Legend of Zelda: LttP, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound and Super Mario RPG were all lost in the trade. I should have considered other means to raise the funds needed to jump into the 32-bit era. Lesson fuckin’ learned.

  6. QotW:
    I fucked up…. i fucked up real bad. I had FF7 in my hands, ready to buy it at a Toys R Us. On my way to the counter, I saw a copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga and paused… Opp had the original two games and loved the series and of course I had a Saturn, but this FF thing was setting the world on fire. EVERYONE was playing it, so I started checking out Square games and got hooked. I figured I’d just get PDS some other time… then the Saturn and all of its games disappeared.

    Bonus: I had an opportunity to buy it 3 years later in college. A friend needed cash and was going to sell Saga and Radiant Silvergun for $70. Sadly, I was broke, and everything went towards horrible food and ramen bricks. Fuck my life.

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