Laser Time – 200


WE DID IT! In honor of our 200th episode we’re streaming live and taking questions from you. Thank you so much for getting us here…


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If you feel so inclined, watch along on YouTube!

51 thoughts on “Laser Time – 200

  1. Really enjoyed the live podcast and hope you do more in future (maybe live recordings of Bonus Times in future perhaps?)

    Thank you for entertaining me the past half decade, and congrats on making it so far. Please never stop.

  2. This was a great show to watch live. I’d love to see you guys do more of these. Also, forever and forever, a hundred years Laser Time, s… things. Laser Time runnin’ around and Laser time. Aaall day long forever. All, a hundred days Laser Time forever a hundred times. Over and over Laser Time Podcast dot com W W W dot Laser Time Podcast dot com W W W Laser Time Podcast all hundred years. Every minute Laser Time Podcast dot com W W W hundred times Laser Time Podcast dot com.

  3. Congratulations, here’s to another 200+ episodes of this amazing podcast – insane to think this all started for me when George Walter appeared on Talkradar seventy something back in the day. Would never had thought it would escalate to up to 8 podcasts + a movie commentary + multiple streams PER WEEK from the LT crew – what a time to be alive.
    ps love that header image

  4. Happy 200 guys! I’m glad to have been a part of this milestone via the live stream. Thanks for hundreds of hours of entertainment, and here’s to hundreds more!

  5. Woo 200!

    Target’s B2G1 free deal was amazing. I got Super Smash Bros, Yoshi woolly world WITH amiibo (so damn adorable) and rise of tomb raider. Finally got a wii u and it was great to get some early games.

  6. I was going to save this for the Fifth Anniversary of my first TDar episode (Ep 133 if you’re wondering) but now feels like a better time.
    I personally want to thank all of you for the 5 years of pure entertainment. I wasn’t around long for TDar’s reign but I was definitely there for the early days of Laser Time. Not only have you guys been my source of entertainment but you’ve also been my travel buddy. Being in places like Sydney, London, Singapore, Vegas,Hawaii, Fiji, Disneyland, Dublin,Belfast and Paris with you guys constantly in my ears has been great. You’ve helped my get through some rough times in my life and even some of the best ones. You’ve helped me rekindle my love of WWE and Simpsons and you’ve helped me discover new things such as Community and shitty movies. So from the bottom of my heart I personally want to thank Chris,Brett, Dave, Hank, Grimm, Tyler,Anne, Diana, Mikel, Bob Mackie, Carolyn and everyone one else who has been on the show. Here’s to five more years and 200 more episodes!

  7. Congrats guys. You have given us so many hours of entertainment between the podcasts, videos and articles. Keep it up and I’m already looking forward to Cape Crisis 200!

  8. Dear Laser Time,

    You Rock! Especially when that guy was on the roof.

    Paul Noonan

    PS, Do you know VG Empire?


  9. Hopefully, the next time this happens, I’ll have an on-my-own-hours job like you guys. We’ll see how next year turns out, eh? That being said, congratulations to make it this far and I hope you have MUCH more Laser Timing to come. 🙂

  10. Congrats lasercrew! As someone who has been around since Talkradar 7, it’s been amazing seeing how far you guys have come along. Thanks for the laughs, and i’m looking forward to the next 200 to come.

  11. Congratulations guys! Really enjoyed watching this live and then listening again today. Was great getting some insight into what happened at GR, how you make the show today and what all the old Tdar guests are up to. Would be great if you could get some of them to come on a show in the future.

  12. Congratulations! Hard to believe how long Laser Time has been going. Keep up the quality content guys. Bring back Paul Ryan and Fan Fiction theater.

  13. I wasn’t able to make it, but you guys have been going so many great streams lately that I feel there’s always plenty of opportunity for live interaction. Long live Laser Time! You guys continue to deliver more and exceed expectations when I’m already more than happy to call this my favorite website on the internet that is home to my favorite people on the internet that do my favorite podcasts on the internet. Been a fan since I decided to try listening to the special 100th episode of this thing called Talkradar and been having wonderful eargasms ever since. I’ll sing the praises of Laser Time until I’ve had a heart attack from laughing too hard at one of Chris’s impressions. I’m looking at you Barny69.

  14. I couldn’t make it but I’m glad for you getting to 200 and with the recent Patreon success I know there will be more to come. Besides, the shit show stream’s have become on of my favorite LT week highlights to be apart of. Love the whole network and I’m very intrigued for the new podcast.

  15. Congrats on hitting 200! I’ve been listening to you guys for years, and it’s awesome to see LT really take off like it has. Here’s hoping for 200 more.

  16. Hey guys loved the episode! May you have many more episodes!
    I did some sniffing around on the web, and I believe this website:
    is the only way to acquire Podcast Station (through the softpedia mirror). Other, not so legal torrenting, ways proved to be impossible.
    Having said that the above link did provide a working install, and although windows 10 did give me a message saying it would not work, but it did for the limited amount of time that I messed around with it.
    If you have not tried it, I hope this way helpful! If you have, apologies for wasting your time!

    Thank you for the episode and may you do many more!

  17. This was a great idea, congratulations on 200 episodes guys! Wish I could have participated but had a ton of errands to run on the day of, hope this is not the only chance, good work getting this far and can’t wait to see how things continue improving over the next bunch of episodes!

  18. This was a fun episode to listen to. I would’ve watched it live, the timing was perfect but Fridays are no good.

    Anyway. On the subject of sound effects and software, there’s still a Podcast Station download on Softpedia. Problem is the software phones home to authenticate your key so unless they’ve given you one that bypasses that check then you’re SOL. Also it doesn’t play nice in Windows 7, so who knows what 8 and 10 are like. You could always look for a crack in the shadier parts of the internet if you really wanted to try.

    Besides that, there’s a program called Sound Byte that looks sort of like what you’re after – essentially a digital cart machine. You’d be able to set up your hotkeys, save the rack for later then assign your sounds to the carts. Looks like it has a decent amount of control if a slightly archaic interface (so what’s new?). If you felt adventurous you could operate it via MIDI. They also offer an iOS version for some reason. Anyway, maybe that’s useful?

  19. I don’t have any profound things to say other than congratulation and thank you.
    Maybe one day I’ll send you guys a letter pouring my heart out about how much everything you do means to me.

  20. I wish i had something more articulate to say then “congrats and thanks” but, well, congratulations, and thank you.

  21. OK I’ll make this quick. THANK YOU! You guys have been my podcast pals since episode 52 of Tdar and I’ve loved every minute of it. It has always felt like going over to friend’s house when I was a kid and staying up late talking about games and movies and other nonsense. For all of high school and college and this very second, you guys have walked with me through life. Thank you! Love you guys! Keep up the amazing, phenomenal work!

  22. Loved watching this and I hope you do more like this in the future. Congrats on reaching 200 episodes, I’ve been listening since the TalkRadar days and you guys have always been amazing.

  23. Thank you for all these years of podcasts, I cannot accurately describe how much it means that you take the time to produce podcasts, articles, videos and more for the community and as well as yourselves. 😀

  24. Congrats on reaching 200 episodes on LaserTime, and thanks for everything, the LaserTime show and everything else on LaserTime.

    Thanks for providing many, many hours of entertainment, from the very first episode of LaserTime to the time before on GR/TDAR. Congrats once again on the success of the Patreon and the new Patreon goals. Looking forward to the future of LaserTime.

  25. I’m 24 and I get most of the show, except for when Diana is on…

    Keep doing what you’re doing, love the new shows added, can’t wait for Ernest. It’s only been what, like 5 years in the making?

  26. Congratulations to the best friends I never met on such a monumental milestone! Love having you guys in my life and glad we all came together to not only support LaserTime but bring Elston aboard as well! As long as your willing to churn out content, I will be here to watch, read and listen. So here’s to another 200! Thank you all!

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