Persona 4 Golden Is Currently $10! Why Don’t You Buy It, Dummy!?!


If you own a Vita but not this game, I’m not your friend…

At Laser Time, I consider myself your cool, somewhat obsessive friend who can’t shut up about all the great JRPG you’re missing out on. Because, seriously, you should be as excited as me about new Dragon Quest games. Today I have a suggestion that I want you to take more seriously than any gaming purchase suggestion I’ve ever made. Persona 4: Golden, the extra fancy remake for the Vita, is currently on sale for $9.90 on PSN. That’s an incredible price for one of the best games of this millennium. Just give a listen to that opening…

Do you love RPGs but were disappointed by the direction heavyweights like Final Fantasy took in the ’00s? Do you long for a game with classic-style dungeon crawling but with outstanding writing, unforgettable characters, and an unbeatable soundtrack? Do you love bear-related puns? Then you need this game in your life. I can bear-ly believe anyone with a Vita has missed out on this game, and if you don’t have the portable, Persona 4 is a total system seller.

So please, heed my PSA, maybe pick up a $10 PSN code on Amazon, and get this game yesterday. I can’t imagine Atlus lowering the price any more than this, so get Persona 4 Golden already! I don’t think I could sleep peacefully knowing there are LT readers missing out.

7 thoughts on “Persona 4 Golden Is Currently $10! Why Don’t You Buy It, Dummy!?!

  1. This is definitely the lowest I’ve ever seen P4G. I don’t own a Vita but I bought a Vita TV literally only to play this. This is the only game I have for it and I don’t regret it for a second.

  2. But I already own P4G!

    Seriously though, I bought a Vita for the sole purpose of playing this game, and I was not disappointed in the slightest. If the damn memory cards were cheaper, I wouldn’t mind getting a digital of the game though.

  3. this was the first game I bought for the vita, 2 months ago. I’m kinda late. think I’m about 1/3 in. loving it, but needed a breather

  4. I love ya Hank but I gotta think about this. Its sooooo JRPG. I watch the opening and have no idea what the game is about.

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