Twisted Metal 2 Endings – Laser Commentary


When a mysterious villain agrees to grant ANY wish you desire, think before you speak!

The original Twisted Metal recently celebrated / endured its 20th birthday, which got me thinking about the series’ ridiculous ending scenes. The idea is that anyone who wins the ‘Twisted Metal’ contest can ask its wrangler – Calypso – for anything in the world. In a completely surprising twist, Calypso twists your words and gives you the ol’ Twilight Zone one-two (so you like donuts, eh? Have all the donuts in the world!).


The first game’s endings are pretty sedate – just a static screen with live-action Calypso staring at your behind a wall of scrolling text. Even though live-action versions were filmed, they were cut from the final version and while they’re pretty weird, they’re also kinda just boring to watch all in a row.


But Twisted Metal 2, hoo boy! Not only was the game itself wayyyy better than the original, the endings were mid-90s, MTV-style motion comic goodness. They’d look right at home on Liquid Television or one of the animated shows like The Maxx. More importantly, they upped Calypso’s.. ahem… twisted sense of humor, which leads to some truly bizarre outcomes.

I watched these things over and over back in the ’90s, and thought they would be a ton of fun to share with the LT team… and you!

17 thoughts on “Twisted Metal 2 Endings – Laser Commentary

  1. This was an awesome idea, can’t wait for the sequel!

    It’s been really cool having you on the site full time Brett. Everyone seems to be having a better time.

  2. I feel this game you guys play would work great for Fighting Game endings. Just try this with say Street Fight IV and try to tell us what is actually canonical .

  3. Twisted Metal 2 is one of my personal favorite games of all time so I absolutely loved this!

    In addition to the suggestions for a video on fighting game endings and TM:Black, I also think a Twisted Metal: Head-On (the PSP/PS2 game) ending commentary would be great. Lot of people missed Head-On but it’s actually a direct sequel to Twisted Metal 2, even having a similar art style and endings that continue from TM2 (like Axel getting robot arms, the Outlaw brother and sister entering together, Twister’s sister, Roadkill and more).

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