Super Star Wars Series – Let’s Do This!


Up until this week you could only experience the relentless frustration of Super Star Wars on the Super NES. But thanks to the irresistible marketing might of Episode VII (and probably Battlefront, too), you can now download the game on PS4.

But hey, our weekly Nintendo stream is [already over and archived below], so why not play Super Star Wars (and a bit of Super Empire) on their original platforms?

Tune in Tues~Thurs at 3pm for our various live streams, from new releases to big piles of crap! It’s all over on the LaserTime channel y’know. If you can’t make it live, check out the archives on our YouTube channel instead!

One thought on “Super Star Wars Series – Let’s Do This!

  1. Not entirely accurate. All three SNES games are available on Wii Virtual Console, which can then be played on Wii U in Wii mode.

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