Agents of SHIELD “Many Heads, One Tale” Review

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In one smooth motion, SHIELD has weaved nearly all of its threads together into one overarching story. That in itself is impressive, especially without anyone figuring out beforehand that it all connected (the show is living up to that infamous hashtag). Huge spoilers follow!

In connecting everything, SHIELD revealed its biggest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Hydra — or at least the core idea of what Hydra is — has existed for centuries. I know some viewers are weary of Hydra, and personally, I was hoping for a different force being behind this season’s troubles. That said, this was a strong, well done move. With all the build-up we’ve had, the next showdown with Hydra will have the highest stakes we’ve seen yet.

I’m also happy that my worries last week were alleviated right of the bat, as Coulson instantly sent his crew to figure out what was going on at the ATCU. I’m glad to see that they didn’t fall blindly into another organization’s ruse, and that they were far more proactive and alert. It was also good to hear that Rosalind wasn’t a Hydra agent, because that would have been tiresome. Instead, we saw that she, along with everyone under her, was being manipulated by her superior Gideon Malick, someone we already didn’t trust. It seems we can now trust the ATCU members without question, and that’s refreshing.

Agents of Shield, many heads one tale, Marvel, MCU, episode, show, season 3, review, Laser Time


I can’t go on about Hydra without mentioning Grant Ward. This episode gave us the best Ward material this season — from his badass fight scene at the beginning to his potentially murdering an entire passenger airliner just to get to Germany, the show continued to show just how brutal and ruthless he is. With Ward and Gideon’s partnership (along with Ward’s conversation with Andrew), it seems that a confrontation with the old gang is inevitable, and that’s exciting.

Fitz and Simmons finally put it all on the table this week, and provided us with some truly incredible scenes. You can’t disagree with Fitz. They are truly cursed by the cosmos; nothing ever seems to go right with them. Their emotional back-and-forth was powerful, and led to the kiss we’ve all been waiting for. Maybe the cosmos gave them a sign in revealing Hydra’s logo in that knocked-over book.

Despite such an exciting, all-encompassing episode, there was one story line that puttered out: May and Lincoln. At first, I was excited with the unusual pairing, but then they said nothing to each other every time we saw them. When words were finally spoken, it was nothing more than an unsubstantial, anti-climatic apology. Every other thread in this episode went out with a bang, but this one ended with a poof.

Agents of Shield, many heads one tale, Marvel, MCU, episode, show, season 3, review, Laser Time

“Now remember to give us all some flimsy closure, May.”

It’s hard to hit upon everything that happened this week — I haven’t even talked about Bobbi’s new batons! From fast and engaging pacing to fantastic character moments, this episode was nearly perfect. It’s a prime example of how great the show has grown since the early days.

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6 thoughts on “Agents of SHIELD “Many Heads, One Tale” Review

  1. Great episode. I liked that Coulson confirmed that Gideon Malick was on the World Security Counsel. So Powers Booth has crossed from Movies to TV.

  2. If Lincoln and the SHIELD containment unit he was in wasn’t in the ATCU facility, how did they use it to access the network?

  3. I like that the Flash is beating this show in ratings, hopefully itll drop to zero and theyll finally cancel, especially after all the shit people talked how wonderful and interconnected it is with the films, its not, and the show is terrible.
    I will gladly see Supergirl, and Gotham canceled along with this.
    But unfortunately it probably wont because its just subpar enough to keep going and what else has Abc got? fucking nothing thats what.
    They shouldve just left Coulson dead.
    Had to get that off my chest.

    1. Something tells me that you haven’t been watching the show, as you haven’t given the slightest hint that you actually know anything about it further than maybe one trailer. It seems to me that you have a lot of preconceived, bias notions about how awful you seem to think the show is.

      Maybe you’re making snap judgements based only on the very beginning of the show when it was extraordinarily weak. Who knows. All I know is that in it’s current state, Agents of SHIELD is a great television show, with really awesome complex characters and engaging storytelling.

      This all comes from someone who loves The Flash as well, and watches Arrow, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and countless other television shows outside of the Superhero genre. I even dealt with an entire season of Gotham and a few episodes of Supergirl.

      Why even visit this page in the first place? If you hate the show so much this should be the last link you actually click. Next time you feel the need to come to a page and bash something you know nothing about, how about you educate yourself a little bit on the topic and bring some actual arguable points so a meaningful conversation can take place.

      Differing opinions are great, but ignorant trolling ones are not.

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