Valkyria Chronicles Is Back In This Teaser For Azure Revolution


The most disappointing trilogy of the last decade happened for very understandable reasons…

As a lover of both strategy games and cel-shaded graphics, I was onboard with Valkyria Chronicles from the very start. In fact, the PS3 original was one of the first games I played on the console once I got myself a slim model. After a couple PSP sequels, including a third game America never got, it seemed like Sega was done with the series. But the world of Europa seems to be alive and well (though looking a little different) in this new trailer for the just-revealed Azure Revolution. Take a look at the teaser trailer…


It’s great to see the Valkyria name return, though things seem a little different this time. Gameplay will reportedly be more RPG than strategy, and it’s not directly connected to previous games after dropping the “Chronicles” from the title. It’s developed by Media Vision, the devs behind Valkyria Chronicles III for PSP, along with PlayStation’s classic RPG franchise, Wild Arms. And, as you’ll note in the trailer, the art style is more painterly than ever.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution is planned for late 2016 release in Japan, and a demo will be included with a PS4 port of the first Valkyria Chronicles. If this was 2013, I’d say the odds weren’t great that Sega would localize either of those games, but after the surprisingly successful launch of the first game on Steam, I’m feeling more hopeful we’ll be seeing English language releases of these PS4 titles. Cross your fingers too, and hope that Sega and Sony are in the mood to share this with the west.


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  1. I am in total love with the first game. Hated the psp sequel. This looks like more regular JRPG swords a sorcery nonsense. No thanks. I’ll wait for persona 5

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