Vidjagame Apocalypse 139 – 360 Exclusives with Chris Watters


With the Xbox 360 turning 10 next week, we’re joined by GameSpot host/writer/producer Chris Watters (here to tell us about his brand new book, The Gamer’s Bucket List) and Brett Elston (in his first VGA appearance as a full-time LaserTime editor) as we discuss the five greatest true exclusives the Xbox 360 had under its belt. We then switch gears to talk about Star Wars Battlefront and last week’s Nintendo Direct, before looking at the hard choices you had to make between two out-at-the-same-time games.

Question of the Week

Which game is most emblematic of the Xbox 360 or its generation? To put it another way: When you think “Xbox 360,” which game pops into your head first?




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13 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 139 – 360 Exclusives with Chris Watters

  1. If Chris was referring to “He’s having a flashback to the Razgriz” was an Ace Combat reference it’s one of the deeper cuts i’ve heard in a long time.

  2. Dead Rising will always be the Xbox 360 game to me. I was one of those kids who had a mom that didn’t really “get” video games. So when I asked for an Xbox 360 for my birthday she bought the arcade edition, which doesn’t come with an HDD. So when I got Dead Rising, my first Xbox 360 game, I couldn’t save it. I played the opening day for weeks, over and over again, until I could scrounge up the money for one of those shitty over-priced memory cards.

  3. QOTW: The game that first blew me away on the 360 and still sticks with me as being the first ‘Wow’ moment of the generation was Gears of War. Back then a couple of my mates and I would play 2 player mode for hours and relish using the chainsaw gun to chop up the enemy…. after a week of solid work we finally completed the game. I have fond memories of this time, although I do not have fond memories of playing the game in my friends bedroom on his suspiciously stained bed cover. He had all the latest tech but alas no girlfriend….

  4. Final Fantasy XIII is what I think of. That sounds unusual, but when you think about it, it makes sense as to why that game specifically comes to my mind when I think of Xbox 360. That game coming to the platform was one of the most emblematic of other titles that showed the mass transition that companies were making during the previous generation, and that is making any game come to as many platforms as possible instead of just aligning yourself to just one. The fact that Square allowed this game to come to an American-made console also showed how the Japanese side of development came to acknowledge the importance and the relevance of the 360 around the world, even if that wasn’t the case at all in their own home country. It’s something that I wish continued to more of an extent this generation, because the more people who can play a game, the happier we can all be.

  5. QOTW
    There are millions of people who would answer this question with Halo, and I am going to do the same. When I think Xbox 360, I think of Halo 4, not only was it the most beautiful game I had ever seen on a 360, this was the first game with a multiplayer mode that got seriously wrapped up in. It was the first game I bought a season pass for, it was the first and only Halo I beat on legendary and it was the first game that gave me hand cramps. Many will call it the worst Halo because of its story. Many will call it the worst Halo game because it was not a Bungie product. To me, Halo 4 is emblematic of everything the 360 was built, a new world to explore that stunned many and created a legacy.

  6. The game that makes me think XBOX360 is and still is Castle Crashers. I was never a big XBOX fan still on the fence even now but my first game that I touched on the 360 was castle crashers. I came over to a friend’s place it waa his birthday and he just got this new game called castle crashers. We all sat on the sofa in the living the entire day all trading off controllers, there were 6 of us and we had 4 controllers. This was my first experience to the XBOX live universe and my mind was blown. I thought holy crap just regular people can just make games and put it on a console now. Mind blown I went to go get me an XBOX 360. Got it and some credits to get games. Little did i know that for every castle crasher there were 20 sloppy Zomibe shooters. Then I over looked games likes Super Amazing Wagon Adventure because I was burned by so many other crap games that looked like it. Oh and the Dating SIMS so many dating SIMS!! There were the greats then there was the garbage that out weighted the greats that finally put a stop to my use of the XBOX.

  7. QOTW: Although not my favourite game on the 360, that one that stands out is Project Gotham Racing 3. Having played the last two iterations on the Original Xbox, I was super hyped for it, and got it on launch day with my 360. The tracks were perfect recreations of the city they were in, the visuals blew me away, and the multiplayer was just a whole lot of fun and the Kudos system which added a whole new layer of depth.

  8. QOTW:
    When Gears of War launched back in ’06, my entire weekends were spent dragging my 360 and 26-inch hdtv (which was damn heavy by the way) to and from my friends’ house so we could play together online. Sure, we could have just played together online, but there was something special about being in the same room together with your two closest friends and yelling expletives at the screen without the recourse of your enemies hearing it. Of course when we wanted our opponents to hear our vulgar thoughts, the headsets were always within arms reach. That is what the Xbox 360 was for me for my last years of high school through the end of college.

  9. QOTW:
    Mass Effect. Coming from the PC, I was a huge fan of Bioware RPGs. Prior to my Xbox 360 purchase, I’d only ever bought Nintendo consoles and did the rest of my gaming on my PC. However, with what I saw as a lackluster offering on the Wii, and the fact that all/most of my friends were buying Xbox 360s, I decided to take the plunge on a refurb unit in August of 2008. The first game I played was Mass Effect, and it was AMAZING. To this day, it remains as one of my favorite Western RPGs (and will stay my favorite until KOTOR gets an HD remake…) So, when I think of the defining game of the Xbox 360 platform, I think of Mass Effect.

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