Amazon’s Simpsons DVD Sale Is A Must For Talking Simpsons Fans


The last DVDs you ever need to own are currently super cheap on Amazon…

If you’ve ever listened to me or any of my other Laser Time cohorts talk for more than 10 minutes, you may have noticed we’re huge fans of The Simpsons. Hell, we even started Talking Simpsons, our chronological exploration of the series, one episode at a time. However, you may be having trouble following along if you don’t have the series on DVD, making this new Amazon sale a real treat. Just about every season is $13.49, which is a damn sight cheaper than what I paid when they were new.

The Simpsons DVDs have got to be the most used discs of any I own. Not only would I just put on the shows for background noise, I’d also dive deep into the copious extras the Simpsons staff added to the sets. Commentaries, deleted scenes, Butterfinger commercials – it’s a treasure trove for any Simpsons fan. So, if you still don’t own these on DVD, this sale of virtually every season at $13.49 is the best excuse you’ve got to catch up on over a decade’s worth of box sets! Get on it, nerds!













2 thoughts on “Amazon’s Simpsons DVD Sale Is A Must For Talking Simpsons Fans

  1. My brother was always the one buying these seasons, but now that he’s moved out I suppose this is a good incentive to start my own collection. For us Canadians, they’re $9.99 each so I’m gonna splurge a little (money is tight right now) and get seasons 2, 3 and 4 for now.

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