Talking Simpsons – Bart Vs. Thanksgiving


The Simpsons go through a quaintly familiar Thanksgiving until Bart disrupts the festivities to go live on skid row. Don’t worry, it all ends well …


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5 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Bart Vs. Thanksgiving

  1. I remember liking some of the jokes in this episode, but looking back I can’t help but feel it further erases some of the theories as to why the Simpsons’ is not as good now. I mean, this is sort of a typical sitcom set up to some degree where Bart learns a lesson and everyone’s happy in the end, and yet it’s not total crap. At least I don’t remember it being.

  2. damn, treehouse of horror on holloween, and the thankgiving episode for thankgiving? either this was intentional or just happy timing.

  3. Great Episode guys! I love Chris’s revelations about being a Bart as a kid. You talked about David Silverman so much I just wanted to say; I HAVE MET HIM! I met David at Burning Man in 2014, He was wearing a kilt and gave me some absolutely rad stickers! He goes just about every year and has a camp with an awesome storyboard history of Burning Man and the literal burning Men. It goes year by year with pictures, illustrations, and simpson-esque quips about the festival’s history, the size of the man, and the amount of attendees. Like The Simpsons, his camp was both educational and hilarious. Is there a Talking Simpson’s forum? I’ll post some pictures of the stickers I have… I guess in the fan art section…?

  4. Just here for my regular ole sports-related fact-checking:

    Football on Thanksgiving is still very much a thing, Chris. There are three games played and I’m planning on enjoying all of them. Thanks again to Hank for calling it.

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