Cape Crisis #165 – A Civil War Primer


Hank, Chris, Dave, and Brett come together to discuss the Civil War trailer, Frank Miller’s odd return to Dark Knight, some light Jessica Jones spoilers, and your QOTW replies…


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Cape Crisis #165 Question: Any comic that combines your other passions?

7 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #165 – A Civil War Primer

  1. The Civil War trailer was AWESOME. However, I’m gonna use this space to rave about Jessica Jones cause holy crap. I finished it Saturday afternoon (so in under two days) and loved every second. I read Alias earlier in the year, and loved the Daredevil show so I was pretty hyped for this. Boy, was I not disappointed. Honestly it might be my favourite thing in the MCU at this point. It’s definitely my favourite of the Marvel shows, at least. Ritter & Tennant were perfectly cast and holy crap were they good at it.

  2. I’ll hold off on this episode until after I finish Alias, I will use this space to ,et Hank know that not only is there new Catwoman and Robin DLC in Arkham Knight but also Anna Farris has a new relationship podcast, the most recent episode features TJ Miller. I figured you may find this interesting?

  3. How light are the Jessica Jones spoilers, exactly? First few episodes stuff or what? I haven’t gotten around to watching any of it yet.

    1. Chris has seen the first 6, but Hank & Brett have only seen the first three so they just talk about the events of those a bit. Mostly about the characters and performances.

  4. Hey, Henry. Please continue keeping the Civil War talk in spoiler segments. I’m trying to do a media blackout on all info on CW so I can go into the movie knowing nothing.

  5. Of all the Marvel movies Civil War is the one film I’m not looking forward to. I just find the concept of seeing my favorite characters fighting each other depressing.

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