Vidjagame Apocalypse 140 – Shopping Mauls


With Mikel out on assignment, Dave, Hank, Brett, and Chris play hooky and head to the mall! We count down gaming’s most memorable malls before discussing Bloodborne’s new DLC, possible PS2 emulation on the PS4, your favorite Xbox 360 memories, and much more!

Question of the Week

Which is the best game deal you’ve ever taken advantage of? Five-fingered discounts don’t count.




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15 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 140 – Shopping Mauls

  1. I recently played Dead Rising for the first time (had only ever played a demo back in the day), and although part of it may be that I came to it 9 years late, but I really didn’t enjoy it. The time constraints, the escort missions, and the frustrating save system made me quit after just a couple of hours. All I wanted to do was kill zombies at the mall, but nope.

  2. its weird to hear them talk about malls like they don’t exist, have they been completely wiped out in the USA? i live in Canada and next to a big ass mall

    1. Also, they aren’t so much the grab bag of entertainment they once were. You used to have independent restaurants all over the place… now you have centralized food courts that mostly have the same thing in every mall. There are no more book stores since Atlantic and Borders went out of business. There are no more candy shops (those places were amazing). It’s MOSTLY just clothes now, when there were more grab bag oddities back in the day.

  3. Question of the Week:
    Which is the best game deal you’ve ever taken advantage of? Five-fingered discounts don’t count.

    Laser time has taught me that my life oozes with white privilege. In 2013, my father made a deal with me that if I got my drivers license he would split the price of an Xbox One with me and buy me a game. Low and behold I bought and Xbox One for $250, but problems ensued on launch day for me. My copies of CoD Ghostd and Battlefield 4 would not properly install and Forza 5 was a let down for me, but the shining gems of the Xbox One launch for me was Ryse: Son of Rome and Killer Instinct, the game my father purchased for me and a game that came for free. This was at a time when I was stupid and naïve and didn’t realize that games got reviewed or that games could be bad or not work properly, so I will always look at Ryse with rose colored glasses and think of my father every time I play it.

    (Note to you VGA guys, you don’t have the read the full post if you think it’s too long)

        1. It’s weird.

          The file description says it’s 01:46:17 in length but wmp will only play about 15 mins of it.

          Guess something is up with wmp on my end.

  4. Question of the week: I always found that the best place to get great deals on games is having friends and family with the attention span of a gnat. Back in high school, my brother’s friend was one of those spoiled kids that would get the brand-spanking new system (nintendo 64) and every game under the sun from their parents and immediately grow bored of them at the slightest hint of the next gen system which was either the dreamcast or PS2. So, the friend got the new system and let his poor 64 collect dust in the corner which gave me and my brother the chance to swoop in and to buy it from him like the vultures we were. At the low, low price of $75 we got the N64, three controllers, Mario 64, Smash Bros, NFL Blitz, Ocarina of Time, and Star Fox 64. It was fucking glorious

  5. Best deal on a vidja game was a mistake. Not on my part but the store. This happened a few years ago it was back when Kirby’s Epic Yarn was released. There was a time when Sears sold video games. I happened to find myself in a Sears for some reason I don’t recall why. I just kind of meandered over to the electronics department. While i was perusing the shelves i found Kirby’s Epic Yarn for $20. The game had just released maybe a week ago. I took it up to the nearest employee I could find and had them check if this was right. Scanned and it came up as $17 so now I’m confused and so was the employee. I snatched it up right then and walked out. Super lucky I guess.

  6. There was a pawn shop that had just the vita carts of Killzone Mercenary and Terraway for €5 each, I immediately bought them , played the hell out of them and then afterwards, walked into CEX (a skeevier Gamestop), found the game boxes, placed the carts inside and made a cool €35 in cash!
    To be honest, I’m not too sure if this was a genuine game deal or me being a scumbag, feel free to judge!

  7. QOTW:
    I completely killed it at a Burlington Coat Factory 20-some odd years ago. They had a big-ass bin with NES games on sale as 4 for $20. I pitched it to my dad, telling him “I can get 4 games now for 20 bucks instead of 1 for 50.” He agreed, of course, and we picked up
    -The Hunt for Red October for him
    -Darkwing Duck
    -Chip n’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers

    I’m still proud of my dumb tween self for that.

  8. Wow, I’d never heard any of the Persona 4 english dub before… christ almighty. The little sister has an adult woman’s voice! If there’s one thing real Japanese seiyuu can pull off, it’s children’s voices…

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