Die Hard Trilogy – Watch Us Play This Shit!


With the holiday season upon us, we’re playing the PS1 classic based on the Christmas-set action movies. Check out three (admittedly fun) games chock-full of the worst-looking 3D character models ever with us at 3PM PST on Twitch! Yippee-ki-yay, Mr. Falcon!

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3 thoughts on “Die Hard Trilogy – Watch Us Play This Shit!

  1. Will this or the previous few (Arkham Knight/Catwoman, Thanksgiving Quiplash) be archived to YouTube? I am never around to catch them during the day, so I kind of rely on those. I didn’t know if it was because Chris was out of town and he does the exporting on those or something.

    Thaaaaaaaaanks guys.

  2. So bumed I missed this one! Originally had this for Sega Saturn till I played my buddies psone copy and quickly repurchased this legit classic! I still remember having my brother film me playing it with hans zimmers The rock score in the background, as we recut a psone in graphics trailer for the movie. Yup we were those kind of nerds yo! Wish I still had the tape.

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