Batman V. Superman Lays It All Out In New Trailer


Three whole minutes of Clark fighting Bruce is here, along with some expected (and unexpected) guests in this fresh video…

I’ve been accused of being a Marvel fanboy, and it isn’t entirely off base, but I’ve enjoyed so many DC comics and films, and am currently a huge fan of The Flash TV series. The perception likely started because I’ve made numerous mentions on Cape Crisis that I really didn’t care for 2012’s Man of Steel, particularly the grim-dark, grousing, killer Kal-El. I was reticent for the sequel from the same director, and yet, when a new, lengthy trailer shows me all the movie has to offer, I gotta say it’s an impressive mix of fan service and spectacle…

With Dawn of Justice out in theaters in a matter of months, this was the time for Warner to go all out and show off what the DC’s cinematic universe is all about. Now that seemingly all the cards are on the table – it’s pretty easy to see the classic superhero arc of fighting then teaming up to face a bigger threat – here’s my immediate thoughts on the big trailer.

– It’s nice to see more than eight seconds of Clark Kent, reporter.

– The tense moments and cutting insults between Clark and Bruce reminds me of their relationship in the DC Animated Universe.


– Jesse Eisenberg’s manic energy as Luthor works well set against the angry glares of Snyder’s leads.

– What’s with the grey in Bruce’s temples? Is he going all Reed Richards on us?

– After smashing a city to bits, it’s cool to see Superman saving things in the sequel.


– It’s a smart move to have Bruce share viewpoints like mine that Superman was a terrifying, deadly force in Man of Steel.

– Still not sure if the whole ‘Bats being held captive by an army’ thing is a dream sequence. I hope it is, because Supes looks like a jackass in it.

– The big fight seems to be ripped straight out of Dark Knight Returns, right down to the cyber-Batsuit and Clark telling him to quit.


– They bring back Zod, then turn him into Doomsday by way of The Hulk, only he also shouts explosions? That’s a pretty OP boss fight.

– I wonder if there’s another twist to it, but it sure looks like Doomsday draws Wonder Woman into the fight, and this huge threat will unite DC’s trinity of heroes.

– Am I the only one who thinks Ben Affleck’s Batman voice sounds a little like a Muppet?


– It’s undeniably powerful to see Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman all in one scene for the first time in a movie.

– Though, seriously Snyder, Batman’s carrying a gun in the big closing shot?


Overall, that was a pretty promising trailer, though I feel like I can’t let go of all my doubts until I see the film itself. What did y’all think? Are you excited? Think I’m being too hard on it? Talk about it all in the comments.

47 thoughts on “Batman V. Superman Lays It All Out In New Trailer

  1. Hype for the movie, but not a fan of Eisenberg’s Luthor. And seriously? Did they have to drop a big reveal like Doomsday in a trailer?

  2. Hank you are a dyed in the wool Marvel fan and I love it. As a DC fan where else would I get my marvel news. Case in point you’re Batman v Superman trailer review has several criticisms with light acknowledgement of awesomeness where as your Civil War trailer article is simply titled “FIRST CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR TRAILER IS TOO MUCH FOR YOUR EYES TO TAKE IN”

    But seriously.

    The DC cinematic universe is fractured multiverse and maybe that’s ultimately a good thing. For better or for worse we have the Donnerverse, the Butonverse, the Schumacherverse, the Nolanverse, and now the Berlantiverse and Snyderverse. Every take will be different and I like that it a conterpoint to Marvel’s way of doing things.

  3. Really wished I didn’t see that Doomsday gif.

    Why do I have to avoid trailers like the plague just to enjoy cinematic surprises anymore!

    Great write up doe hank!

  4. As someone who grew up on the Justice League animated series, I really want to like this movie, but man, this trailer makes it look like they’re just doubling down on the tryhard grittiness and Snyder-isms that made watching Man of Steel such a depressing slog. With all those muted colors, lens flares, city destroying explosions, and angry white dudes gritting their teeth, I almost thought I was watching gameplay footage from a bad Call of Duty clone from 2008.

    I’m actually on board with Eisenberg’s Luthor, as it looks like he may add some humor to the overly serious, no-fun zone that is the DC movie universe, but seeing Batman with that shotgun in the closing shot worries me. If Snyder thought it was badass to have Superman break a villain’s neck in the last movie, I think he’ll try to outdo himself this time by having Batman execute Doomsday or Luthor with a point blank shot to the back of the head.

  5. Reading the reactions online, I feel like Batman v Superman cannot win. One trailer doesn’t show anything, another trailer is too dark and serious, and now, this trailer has too much information and is too jokey (at least that report that people believed that WB said “No jokes in the DCU” is not true).

    I loved it, however I love anything Batman, plus I thought Man of Steel was great (if that means anything). Doomsday could have been saved for later but every film gets spoiled on the internet, so whatever. At least we didn’t see Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg, or any other cameos.

    I’m beyond excited for this film as this is a dream come true for a fan like me to see Batman and Superman together on the big screen, along with Wonder Woman, and the start of the DC Universe. I’m all in and I’m counting down the days until it releases so I watch it in IMAX.

  6. Film looks doomed…..sday yo! Jk, all seriousness thou; not digging anything about this one, from Bens choice of Batman voice and awkward line delivery, to doomsday who looks like a first pass model of reptile from Mortal Kombat X and worst of all, a nutty take on Lex Luther? Mark Strong where are you? You would of killed as serious and tough Lex Luther and you are actually bald!

    1. Of all the times for Hank be positive about a DCU thing he choose this trailer

      I loved MoS and the other trailer were great but this trailer felt like one of those fan-made trailers floating around youtube, right down to bat and super trying too hard, luthor being “cwazy” and doomsday looking like a prank and being made from the dead villain of the previous movie.

      I mean, I’ll get used to Luthor easily but this trailer felt so, so damn strange, The movie releases in the summer, so of course there would be a christmas trailer, and lots of directors despise early trailers for their movies being released like this but even then this trailer was weird.

      I hope Snyder is going avant-garde or some shit at least! “Go Foh Bloke!” as the Street Fighter Alpha guy would say!

  7. You can feel the reverberating tendrils of Wheedon in this trailer, especially that wonder woman quip at the end by Batman, but I like that the humor is pretty low-key and feels different than the Marvel banter formula. I’m starting to warm up to Jesse’s Lex, and I think his charisma makes the more unique portrayal of someone as iconic as Lex a lot more easy to digest. This is the kind of change i’m okay with having, and as you mentioned it does well to balance out the more dour protagonist duo.

  8. Like all superhero movies, I’m worried they’re trying to do too much in one movie. And i worry it’ll end up being the dumb CGI michael bay fest climax that MoS was. HOWEVER, the trinity looks awesome and Lex seems real interesting. I’m super excited, but can’t help but be doubtful too.

  9. This trailer goes through all 3 acts of the film.
    1. Batman and Superman meet and don’t like each other.

    2. They fight

    3. They join forces (with the help of an “unexpected” ally ) to defeat a bigger enemy.

    I’m still excited to see the movie, but they could have kept more under wraps.

    1. I agree that some stuff could have been kept under wraps but I had the acts pegs from day one. It was always going to end up with them joining forces. All this trailer did was confirm my suspicions and show what villain would unit them. I like Eisenberg’s Lex from what they’ve shown so far. I’m not to thrilled about Bats having a rifle at the end but I’ll hold judgement until I see it.

    2. I can’t agree with you more here. I now feel like the first third of the movie will be awesome (that exchange between Clark and Bruce was great), the middle third will start to get a little silly with the fight between the two (and pretty average CG from the looks of it), and the last third will be one big eye roll. I am also going to take a stab in the dark here, and say that the final shot of Lex Luthor will be without hair. Everything feels predictable now.

      1. It would be nice if, for once, they actually used the movie universe thing for a reason and let Luthor get dat shiny baldness some other movie.

  10. I am now really looking forward to this movie. Doomsday is a perfect threat to unite them, but I would have lost my shit in the theater if they held off on that reveal. I noticed Batman holding the gun too, but I’m not going to jump to conclusions.

    1. Type “Batman Gun” into Google Image Search. Most will be from the comics.

      It’s a piece of tech. And they’re fighting a giant monster.

  11. The negativity surrounding this is astounding. You dorks don’t know how good you have it. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are literally on screen together for the first time EVER, and you’re grumping that Batman’s voice is TOO scratchy? Myaaahhhh!! Waahhh!! Fucking morons. This movie is written by an academy award winner and directed by one of the best action film makers working today. You should be so lucky to have Zack Snyder. For fuck’s sake, did you see all the tiny easter eggs he added into Watchmen’s set-dressing? Get over yourself. Oh, you don’t like it that Doomsday shows up? Yeah, guess what? Doomsday was already a dumb fucking character that was literally designed to be punched by Superman, and him being a surprise wasn’t going to be the thing that the movie lives or dies by. Everybody was losing their goddamn minds about Civil War last week, about Black Panther, about Cap vs. Iron Man. We’ve seen Steve and Tony bicker on film twice before. Old news. Now BvS gives you essentially the live-action Justice League episode you always wanted, and people just piss and moan about Luthor. Do you realize he’s putting on a public tech-bro persona to throw people off? Do you realize tech-bro is the modern equivalent of old-school Luthor industrialist? Luthor’s defining characteristics are that he hates Superman and he feels everything must be earned. Both of those are evident in the trailer, along with his mad science bent, so please explain, what the fuck is so lacking in this interpretation of a character? There are two reasonable responses to this trailer: 1) I may or may not pay $12 to see that, or 2) I’ve never created a cross-medium fictional universe that’s endured for nearly a century with vary degrees of success and quality, so I should probably get to work on something, somebody, somewhere, someday, MIGHT care about. I’ll summon Chris’ recent words, “On the Internet, there’s content, and there’s content about content.” Which will you be?

    1. I get that you don’t like people shitting on DC all the time, and it tends to happen a lot from Henry, but saying “you couldn’t make content like this so you can’t criticize it” is absurd. And yes, get mad at me for saying this as I’m sure any reply I get will just call me an asshole and a “marvel zombie” etc etc, but there’s still a validity to criticism even if the critic is not a content creator themselves. It doesn’t take a know-how to have a taste for something, especially if you consume a lot of it, and many people are fully capable of explaining why they do or do not like a piece of media. Ultimately if this doesn’t make you feel content, reviews are just opinions so if you don’t like popular consensus, who cares? Just watch the movies and enjoy them yourself, no need to say someone’s life has no impact because they produce content about content. And if negativity on the internet is that frustrating, it’s not overly hard to avoid editorials and analyses like this if you try. Again, not trying to be a dick here.

      1. Yeah, I came in hot, a little bit on purpose, but it wasn’t cool of me to get quite so vicious. The content question is an interesting one, definitely worth pursuing. We are at a weird junction in pop culture history where taste-makers come pre-established, since so many movies and shows are based upon comic books with extensive lore. This gives those with authority on the subject to note that, “Oh, the Civil War comic wasn’t great, it was 9/11 as heck,” or BvS is, “Man, this is just Dark Knight Returns, what an outdated interpretation of Batman.” My reservation is that landscape installs pre-judgment toward the movies to come, which can sour the mood. It’d be naive to say we all should just be happy and optimistic, but it’s an aspiration to find some silver lining in things. The ability to understand and explain why you like or dislike something is a powerful ability, and if we all can do that (as participants in culture), then we’re doing something right, and if we can each be brave enough to create something ourselves, then the chance for identification and empathy also rises. Excellent points raised!

        1. Nice that there could actually be some conversation on the internet instead of just trolling or whatever. But yes, I definitely understand that the internet’s pre-judgement is ridiculous and it is super frustrating, so if that’s what you were intending to say / critique then I agree with the ultimate point now.

  12. Wow, way to destroy a year of marketing and build-up for the premise of bats v supes in one trailer. the first 30 seconds or so were great until it just became an edited plot summery. I mean it was a pretty obvious guess that bats and supes would team up by the end but fuck having and tension or suspense for that fight, doomsday would’ve been a cool reveal but whatever who cares

  13. I might see this, if they show it for free at work as we tend to do. And this isn’t a DC vs Marvel thing. This is a Zach Snyder thing. Remember Suckerpunch? Man of Steel? Yeah, after those two movies I am on a Zach Snyder hiatus.

  14. Well I for one am glad they summed up the entire movie in one convenient trailer so I don’t have to watch it now. Seriously, Hollywood, maybe keep some things a surprise? And yeah Affleck’s Batman voice makes Christian Bale’s sound subtle.

  15. If the Marvel trailers give too much away then DC straight up summarized the whole darn film. (Spoilers for those that don’t want what seems like the entire film spoiled) That Zod becomes Doomsday bit would have been a great surprise to see in the theater, but now it seems like watching the whole movie will be purely masturbation! Jesus, that sucks, say what you will about Marvel’s Age of Ultron trailers but at least they didn’t show the Helicarrier, Vision picking up Thor’s hammer, or Pietro eating lead.

          1. But Ill say saying that knowing the order of events is a spoiler is odd when the alternative is just bits and pieces of rearranged purposefully misleading tease.
            But as for tone, if you lie to me about the tone of your movie, I am furious.
            If I walk in expecting epic character tale seriousness and I get goofy slapstick…..ooooh……ooooh.

          2. Like you said we are different. It seems we expect different things from our super hero films. For example I enjoy and expect Marvel’s more comedic tones, and I wasn’t displeased but the Mandarin’s turn. It left a nice surprise for me as a viewer rather than Bat V. Sups showing us the bigbad out of the gate.

  16. my roommate and I just watched this trailer and our jaws were on the floor. Not because we thought the trailer looked amazing (because it doesn’t) but because we couldn’t believe how much DC blew the entire movie in this trailer. So many things that could’ve been amazing to see in theatre. DC has absolutely no confidence in their film franchise. I feel like I don’t need to see it now. that was waaay too much revealed.
    This is DC in a panic as they drown in a sea of Marvel. and hell, I’m a little burned out on Marvel. Civil war might be my last Marvel movie.

    1. I just assume all trailers are spoilers, the best I can say is dont watch any trailers or click on any articles if you dont want to be spoiled, but if youve been following news, shannon was in it and mocapping, you already knew WW and DoomsDay were in it, and its a superhero film so you know batman and superman are gonna team up and theres planned sequels so you know theyre not gonna die.
      There is no unknown anymore with blockbusters.
      Its only a spoiler if you havent thought about it a bit.

      1. Yeah, I’ve put myself under media lockdown for Star Wars since the second official trailer came out to avoid spoilers. I walked out of the room a few times during Thanksgiving because TV spots came on. Praise to Star Wars for their restraint. That said, movies like Fast & Furious showed the money shots in all their recent trailers and the audience response is always, “I’m gonna go see that!” Not defending the DC movies, but why do you folks think its a different standard for BvS? While there’s still a solid chance the movie will suck, I think people are stubbornly negative toward all non-Marvel movies in preview phase. Consider the Quicksilver comparison prior to Days of Future Past vs. Age of Ultron? Or people getting cranky about Heath Ledger cast as the Joker before Dark Knight was released? We live in a weird world, man.

  17. It felt more like a bit of footage than a trailer, but I loved it. I particularly loved how in the final shot of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman facing off against Doomsday, Wonder Woman is the one in the lead. Which is exactly where she should be – she’s the warrior, she’s the first into a fight. If the movie gets that right (and Doomsday looks perfect) then I’m confident it’ll get everything else right too.

    As for the grim-n-gritty style, it really amuses me that Marvel fans go “Batman V Superman looks so stupid with all their tryhard grimdark bullshit” then say “Daredevil is the best show ever and Jessica Jones is even darker, cool!”.

  18. I think this needs to be said DC is trying something new it for the first time doesn’t want to be Marvel and follow a kid friendly toy-centric Arc.(not to say DC wont shill bats and Supes Merch)

    Please re watch that trailer and think for a second especially about Luthor who is clearly played to be younger than both Bats and Supes if you were under 30 and had billions at your disposal you’d be an arrogant ego manic too and that’s the character we see doing the opening moments of the trailer.

  19. I just want to say again that I disapprove of this Doomsday design.

    For Hollywood: Please don’t hire anymore vidjagame concept artists.

    That is all.

  20. The building in the intro where lex, Clark, and Bruce are is the art museum on my college campus where I study regularly. For some reason seeing in makes me super excited that I’m standing where Ben Affleck was even though that’s ridiculous and dumb.

  21. Is nobody gonna talk about the army of bug monsters who were attacking Batman and a bunch of army guys in a desert? What the fuck was that? Alien invasion? Mutant monsters? How many plots does this movie have? Anyway, I want to be excited for this, and I’ll admit to this trailer causing a slight stirring in my hype-boner, but I just have zero faith in Snyder. I don’t like how he makes movies.

  22. I liked the trailer. My only complaint is that it gave a lot of the plot however I feel so they needed to. The issue BvS has against it that as a former Man of Steel apologist, it took to the second viewing with a girlfriend to see the flaws seeping through it, it has to right the DCU film universe’s ship after it pulled out the port and flew into a a city killing everyone… It needs to address that Superman is meant to be a hopeful symbol and that when confronted with a world destroying machine, attack the one destroying the city and not the one in the middle of the ocean.

    However with that said, there is still quite a lot that wasn’t shown here. We know Cyborg and Aqua-Man are in the movie (they weren’t in the trailer), we know that Lex loses all of his hair (thanks to an EW photo), we also know that based on him saving people and not wanting to kill Batman, Superman begins to become the symbol he’s meant to be.

    Also I don’t know if Henry missed it like I did but Greg Miller over at also pointed out that during that Batman tied up scene when Batman is fighting soldiers, there are gargoyles or men with wings or something. So either it IS a dream sequence or there’s information we’ve missed.

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