The Monday Night Movie December Schedule


Seasons greeting movie lovers/Laser Time Patrons! Here’s what we’ll be watching as 2015 comes to a close…

Seasons greetings, happy holidays, and a joyous Starbucks red cups to you all! It’s December, so it’s time for us to wrap up the year with a trio of Monday Night Movies! In case you don’t know, much like the freebies we did for Terminator 2, Back to The Future, and Power Rangers: The Movie, we select a different film each week and live stream our fan commentary every Monday 6PM Pacific, exclusively for Laser Time Patreon members for the low cost of $5 a month, BTW, that paltry $5 a month also nets you a bonus weekly Laser Time, the first season of Talking Simpsons, and much, much more, so why not treat yourself?

As we head towards New Year’s Day, let’s see what’s coming up! (Side note, LT offices will be closed for the holidays December 28th, so no commentary that Monday, sorry.)


TRON LEGACY – December 7th
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It’s the sequel to the cult ’80s classic no one expected to see. Before Disney bought Marvel and Star Wars, revisiting Tron was their big plan to get the dollars of young men, though it didn’t really work out. Now that we’re approaching Tron Legacy’s fifth anniversary, let’s give this overlooked sequel another chance together.


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The Force Awakens is nearly in theaters, so it’s time for Monday Night Movies to fulfill its destiny by commentating on all the previous Star Wars films. Though it’s no longer the grand finale, seeing Jedi again will let us celebrate the love and watch Ewoks save the day in this 1983 classic. Just so you know, this will be the 2011 version, meaning a few the worst Star Wars changes will be included.



As we do each month, we’re opening up the last film of 2015 and the one right before Christmas to the viewers. Everyone in the Laser Time Patrons in the $10 tier will be able to suggest a film, but there’s one rule this month. The film chosen has to be at least partially related to the holidays. I’m sure you all have your favorites, so get ready for the voting to open on the 24th and make your seasonal choices known, Patrons!


Quite a stacked month of movies, no? We can’t wait to watch along with all of you. Don’t forget, all you need to join us on Monday Night Movie is to own a copy of the movie (shopping through our Amazon links helps us, though there are always “alternative methods”), have a stable internet connection, and donate to our Patreon at the $5 level. Just to have it all clear in bold text…

MONDAY NIGHT MOVIES begin every MONDAY @ 6:00 PM PACIFIC TIME (unless stated otherwise) exclusively for Patreon members at the $5 level

13 thoughts on “The Monday Night Movie December Schedule

    1. I agree we can’t just vote for Die Hard that’d be too easy. I say we vote for a double feature of the greatest Holiday Action Movies with Die Hard and Lethal Weapon.

  1. Cool! I’ve been waiting for an excuse to watch Tron Legacy again. Haven’t seen it since the theater.

  2. I don’t think I’ve seen Tron Legacy since theatres (despite digging it a lot) so this is as good a reason as any to check it out again

  3. My community Choice for a holiday related movie would be While You Were Sleeping or Love, Actually.

    I know these movies are not really in the demographic of most LT fans but these were feel good movies. However, I’m not sure how the commentary would go because these aren’t in the wheel-house of the LT crew.

  4. I agree with Scrooged, and because I’m a sick puppy, I also nominate Gremlins, Black Christmas, and Silent Night, Deadly Night.

  5. I am throwing Jingle All the Way out there because the problem with picking actual good movies is that there’s either nothing really funny to mock or it devolves into just watching the movie because it’s good. Something that is cheesy as fuck but still watchable is what I like to pick, so Jingle All the Motherfucking Way. TER-BOW MAN!

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