Star Trek Beyond trailer doubles down with booms, bikes and Beastie Boys


With Star Wars about to reclaim the “fun action sci-fi” mindshare of the world, the Trek films had two options: slow down or speed up. And hoo boy, with Fast & Furious director Justin Lin at the helm, you can guess which direction they chose.

I’ll admit to groaning less than 10 seconds into the trailer. The Sabotage riff contrasts so hard with everything I love about Star Trek. But… I don’t have any emotional ties to these movies and Justin Lin makes a fun-ass spectacle so y’know what? Let’s roll with it.

I think part of our hangup is that for decades Trek was synonymous with aged actors AaAAAaAACTiiiiinG to the rafters, and when the movies aren’t that again, ppl flip. I agree they’re pretty far off from the traits I most associate with Star Trek, but in the same breath we’ll all agree First Contact was tons of fun. So if Paramount wants to make a trio of wacky actioned-up Trek films, go for it.

I mean, Kirk on a dirtbike? A Kirkbike? A DIRKIRK? Fire off that NOS breh and see your ass on July 22!


There’s also a chance the trailer is merely meant to get F&F fans’ attention, and the actual film has a bit more character work and “adventure” going on than it seems. We also know very little about what actually happens. Who are those swarming aliens? Who is the new Dark Elf helper character and what Original Series character will Idris Elba almost certainly be mimicking under all that makeup? Hank suspects Beyond may be analogous to The Search For Spock (they lose their ship, trapped on a planet etc) but we’ll have to wait & see!


With the 2017 “TV” series still on the way, let the movies do their thing. Odds are they’ll have no bearing on each other, so until the show looks like it’s gonna be a Hollywood Studios stunt spectacular, let’s see if Beyond can at least be half as entertaining as Fast Five + Furious Six. Lin can string together a fun ensemble cast, and at least we won’t have the Khan “mystery” looming over the whole damn thing!

tl;dr – I am not invested in this and if I see it at all, it’ll be in the hopes of an outrageous spotfest on par with F&F.


12 thoughts on “Star Trek Beyond trailer doubles down with booms, bikes and Beastie Boys

  1. I think this looks more Treky than Into Darkness at least. The Enterprise crew potentially stranded on some weird planet dealing with bizarre aliens? Colour me interested at this point.

    1. Yeah, I didn’t have a problem with the song here since it’s already been used in the first film. As long as they don’t have any company logo’s this time.

  2. I think Sabotage belongs on a shelf to “Creepy Children Choir” and “Inception Noise”.

    The moment it starts you know the riff is going to be under your brief establishing dialog, the pause is going to have be the record scratch “joke”, and the chorus is going to come in for the last big action until the trailer slams close.

    1. Now I really want an Ultimate Trailer Remix that’s just creepy children singing, record scratches, inception noises, and Sabotage

      1. Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew face their greatest challenge yet…


        In New York City?!

        “Who let the dogs out! Woof! Woof! Wool!”

  3. Since someone has to be a dick and mock the dubious twist for Into Darkness, let me be the first to guess that Idris Elba is Q. Yes, I recognize Q is from The Next Generation, but he’s immortal and I can’t think of a more notable Star Trek villain besides Khan. I apologize for the cynicism, but this film will really have to prove itself to me.

    1. Q was never a straight up villain, a dick who caused problems yes, but not a real villain. If anything he gave humanity a heads up against the bigger threat the Borg. Which I’m hoping they don’t use but nothing I saw implies Borg. I’m hoping that this will be something new with new races and planets that will help distinguish itself.

  4. I still love the original series with all the Shakespeare references and the Sherlock Holmes references from Next Gen. But I do like the new cast and with Simon Pegg writing this and Justin Lin directing it I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. I think Justin Lin did great work with the Fast and the Furious movies working with an ensemble cast and Simon Pegg has some great writing credits to say the least. The trailer leaves me with more questions but at least it appears to be something new and fresh which was my biggest grip with Into Darkness that it was just a poor remake of Wrath of Kahn. None of the writers from Into Darkness are on this and JJ is busy directing Star Wars so I’m sure his input is at a minimum so I’m hopeful that this will be something fresh.

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