Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire – Let’s Do This Shit!


Star Wars is nearly upon us, so why not return to a (now non-canonical) moment in Lucas’ history. Taking place between Empire and Jedi, we’re cozying up with Dash Rendar to play Shadows of the Empire! Join us at 3pm Pacific on Twitch or catch it on YouTube later. It… hasn’t aged well…

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5 thoughts on “Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire – Let’s Do This Shit!

  1. After watching Return of the Jedi with you guys and seeing this it makes me want to busy out Rogue Squadron for the Gamecube 🙂

  2. Who the hell suggested playing Masters of Teras Kasi over Shadows of the Empire? Yes Masters is worse, but Shadows is actually fun to watch. And apparently won’t screw up your stream’s sound halfway through so it sounds like the game is playing three times.

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