Cape Crisis #168 – Merry Gwenpool-Mas


Hank, Brett, and Dave get in the holiday spirit with an overload of seasonal comics, including the Gwenpool Holiday Special. Plus, we discuss the most recent X-Men film trailer, already thinking about may comics, and our biggest comic disappointments of the year, which ties into the question of the week…


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Cape Crisis #168 Question: What was your biggest comic book disappointment this year?

6 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #168 – Merry Gwenpool-Mas

  1. I seem to be one of the few people thoroughly not into X-Men Apocalypse. X2 is great, as are First Class and The Wolverine, but every other film has been either a complete miss or a resounding meh to me, and this just looks like more of that. DOFP felt to me like it was stuck in 2003 and the world that was around when X2 was made, and I don’t think Singer has evolved much since then. Here’s hoping I’m wrong I guess

  2. The thing about Loki is he was recently revamped in the awesome book Loki: Agent of Asgard. That book (which is awesome and I recommend it eternally) is about Loki post-Young Avengers being Freya’s secret operative as a form of gaining trust and redemption. He finds himself being chained into the role of the antagonist to Asgard by the nature of his myth. So to break from that role of the God of Lies, Loki reinvents himself as the God of Stories. He freed himself from being the God of Mischief, gave himself a new start and a way out of the cycle of schemes and villainy.
    I really hope Jason Aaron isn’t backpedaling on that.

  3. Man, I definitely *do not* get how the Crisis Crew can be so down on Secret Wars. The delays suck (and are absurd, no doubt), but each issue has been consistently great and nothing’s lost knowing the slate of the new Marvel U before it wraps. It’s easily the best event Marvel’s done in years.

  4. Genuinely curious what you meant by Action Comics, you made it sound like Superman wasn’t depowered, but he was. Like it was it’s own story, but that’s how DC has done two books about the same character for years.

  5. Can the Fantastic Four movie be called a comic book disappointment? Cause that would be my first pick.

    If not, than I would go with Spider-Gwen. While I really liked the basics of this alternative dimension where Gwen Stacy has become Spider-man, the comics just fall flat on their face. There is little world building and more ‘come see what new roles your Marvel heroes and bad guys have in this crazy dimension’, while we barely get to know this Gwen. And worse, since Secret Wars Marvel really doesn’t know what to do with her, so they put her in a in a Deadpool suit and call it a day, cause everybody loves Deadpool. Waste of a character and a rad universe.

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