Laser Time – Star Wars: The Force Awakens Reactions


Fresh from a Day One screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the Laser Time gang is here with a live, rambly review. MAJOR SPOILERS obviously…


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19 thoughts on “Laser Time – Star Wars: The Force Awakens Reactions

  1. In that case, for now I’ll skip this episode but I’ll come back to it when I do see it… whenever that is. It’s pandemonium here.

  2. I understand the “we have till there’s no light” idea is very videogamey, but damn it if it wasn’t like the best way to transition us from a bright and hopeful assault on the base scene to all of a sudden its sad, dark, and we’re having our emotional fight in the woods scene. And I felt like Adam Driver was lookin’ good in Awakens. I mean I also have a thing for Paige so maybe my love of pale, emo looking women also applies to men. I agree Phasma got jobbed out but that’s the norm for helmeted villains. I mean Vader, a force sensitive sith lord, got knocked out because some smuggler shot his wing man’s TIE fighter which then crashed into his personal TIE fighter sending him spinning. So if the parallels continue Phasma is gonna be a BAMF in VIII. Great episode BTW hope you guys have a great break you’ve earned it!

  3. I absolutely loved Episode VII, its about #3 on my ranking of the franchise at this point. Very curious to hear what y’all thought.
    And hope everyone has a good break!

  4. I didn’t like it nearly as much as you guys did. It felt like someone described what Star Wars was to JJ Abrams over the phone and he just made that. The plot hit all the same beats as the old films and in my opinion took very few risks. The theater I was in seemed to have the same mixed emotions as I did cheering at some scenes (the falcon flight on Jakku) and booed at others (seeing the new death star, the tentacle creature scene). Maybe my expectations were too high going into it but I left feeling disappointed. It was a fine movie but not a great one. I did love the new characters and am cautiously excited to see where they go from here just hopefully with less Abrams.


    Haven’t listened to the ep. yet, will do so after work 😛 But here’s what I loved / didn’t love. Let me preface this by saying that overall I enjoyed it and really want to see it again:

    +Rey and Finn overall are really lovable and awesome characters. As is BB-8
    +The way Han/Chewie/Millenium Falcon/Leia/C3PO were introduced was awesome. As well as the teaser with Luke Skywalker at the end (even if the circling camera shot may have awkwardly dragged on for a while).
    +Great believable sci-fi world thanks to the practical effects mixed into the CGI.
    +Humor was on-point. The battles / lightsaber battles were all on-point.
    +Finding out Daniel Craig was the Stormtrooper mind-tricked by Rey.

    Didn’t Love:
    – Han’s death felt super rushed to me. There wasn’t a whole lot of time for the audience to grieve his death, and Leia/Chewie seem to get over it quickly due to that part of the movie’s rushed pace.
    – It took Luke 3 movies to really become a badass Jedi, and yet Rey is able to Jedi mind-trick and kick Kylo Ren’s ass (y’know, the dude who murdered all of Luke’s apprentices) over one movie? I do understand Kylo Ren was super weakened at that point and that Rey was already super adept at melee combat. Unless Episode VIII reveals why Rey quickly becomes such a huge Jedi Master over the course of one movie…
    – Kylo Ren’s reveal as Leia/Han’s son is just casually mentioned in conversation with Snoke. It would’ve made such a bigger impact if it was revealed when Han went face to face with him. Sure, it would’ve mirrored Empire a lot, but I can just identify with the audience I was watching with and their audible confusion when Snoke just goes “oh yeah, Han is Kylo’s father.” LIKE WHAT!? That death scene was already replicating A New Hope’s Ben Kenobi / Darth Vader confrontation, what’s another original trilogy reference thrown in there?
    – The fleet attack run on Starkiller Base didn’t have the same suspenseful feeling like in ANH/RotJ. For a weapon that’s bigger and more destructive than a crapton of Death Stars, they could’ve made that segment a bigger deal than just “hey the shields are down this thing’s toast.” I mean the damn thing destroyed multiple planets!
    – I have mixed feelings about Kylo Ren. He wasn’t super intimidating, but I guess that’s what makes him so interesting. Ultimately he’s a Vader fanboy but it was really fascinating to see him struggle between the Light and the Dark when Han confronted him.
    – Captain Phasma and Poe Dameron did not get as much screen time as they should’ve gotten. I’m sure this will change for Episode VIII.


  6. It is so sad to see Star Wars 7 as a boring and unimpressive sequel to a franchise that had so much potential. Nothing about the plot in SW7 made me excited about seeing future movie entries. I was especially turned off by how quickly Rey learned to use the force and how unintimidating Kylo Ren is as a villain. I find the lack of Phasma disturbing.

    Those problems arise before discussing how much of a rehash of ‘A New Hope’ SW7 is.

  7. I have only two nerdy nitpicks with the whole movie.

    1. Han has never in the last 40ish years of being Chewie’s best friend every fired his gun before?

    2. Why is Rey the one to hug it out with Leia when they get back at the end of the movie? They’ve never met each other before. I get that her husband just died, but why would she turn to this complete stranger for consolation in that moment?

    Everything else was awesome.

    1. I fully expect that, given that he was a 50ft hologram, Snoak is going to be completely different in person. My current theory is a Dark Side member of Yoda’s race.

  8. After seeing VII a couple times, I love that Star Wars is FUN again!


    I recognize that Empire is a better movie, but ANH gets the nod since it started it all and there is still something magical about it to me, but that might just be that it was the first one I saw (on TV) before Empire came out, which unfortunately I was old enough to see in the theater in 1980.

    Jedi gets knocked down a little since Jedi Rocks totally takes me out of the movie.

    After watching I & II a couple times more recently, the poor Anakin/Padme romance is almost as bad as the dumb Jar Jar comedy in I.

  9. I hated this movie Adam Driver looks like an idiot without his helmet and his character was a baby, also I hate that people get mad at people who hate Rey, that character’so Jedi Insight was kinda sloppy and it’s okay to not like that. I’d give it a C kinda perfect for a $7 Tuesday showing

  10. Seen it twice now and my new favorite moment is when BB-8 gets in Han’s way and he growls “Move, ball.”
    Such a great grumpy old man line!
    Also I was really glad to see the two actors from The Raid films, even though they had nothing to do.

  11. I really liked the movie and will be seeing it again, but I really hope you guys are done with Star Wars shows now. It’s one of the few topics that I feel you guys aren’t very knowledgeable about.
    And, I’m sorry but Henry was unbearable this episode. For someone who sure hates the prequels, he seemed to bring them up in every conversation. We’ve had over a decade of prequel critiques and hate. Please, give it a rest. Not to mention the blind hating of the Clone Wars cartoon, which is commonly accepted as the best thing to come out of the prequels and almost justifies their existence. It’s clear that Henry hasn’t even made an attempt to watch a trailer for the different Star Wars cartoons by his horrible mispronunciation of Kanan.
    I swear I like you Henry and I enjoy listening to Cape Crisis, but I’d rather listen to Jar Jar singing Jedi Rocks than listen to you have another conversation about Star Wars.

  12. I’ve never had nostalgic love for this series. I enjoyed them as a kid, but never passionately. He Man and Transformers were a much bigger deal to me. So now I think I understand the feelings of all those people who just don’t “get” the Marvel movies. The Force Awakens was pretty good, but really didn’t do much for me. Like so many people’s complaints about the Marvel movies, it felt like there really wasn’t anything at stake here. There was never any suspense and no one was ever really in any danger (except for Han, whose moment was telegraphed from miles away), The plot was a virtual copy of the original, only bigger (this is the Death Star, and this is the SUPER Death Star), but didn’t have anything nearly as good as the best action scenes from Empire or Jedi.

    I liked Poe, but good god was he a walking cliche.

    And, come on, once Kylo Ren took off the mask it was impossible to take him seriously. He became ten times the emo crybaby that black suit Spider-Man was in Spider-Man 3.

  13. So… after y’all answered my question about why Boyega didn’t have his accent in the movie, I got to thinking about the weird dynamic between the rebels and the Empire. do you think this is in any way supposed to parallel the revolution of the Americans against the British Empire? why would some people in the galaxy sound British while others don’t? and why would those British English speaking ones mostly be Empire officials? or just high ranking people? it’s a weird thing. well, I guess in the force awakens case it would be Americans versus Nazis? space Nazis. gross.

  14. After seeing the film earlier this week I was finally able to listen to this. I really enjoyed the film and felt it really hit all the sweat spots that the prequel’s missed. The biggest grip I keep reading is how Rey figured out her powers so quickly and how weak Kylo is. I can kind of get behind Rey figuring out shit pretty quick, at first she’s mostly scared/in denial but then when Ren starts pushing her it kind of clicks for her and she really believes at that point. Where as with Luke he didn’t really believe in the force until Yoda pulled the X-Wing out of the swamp. Anakin was able to do things like Pod Race because he was just naturally intune with the force. Rey displays the same ability when she is flying the Falcon and using her staff and fighting off the thugs.

    As for Kylo getting his ass beat repeatedly I see that as two things, A) he’s immature and not fully trained and B) Has not fully given into the dark side yet. While he was able to catch the laser bolt and do some forced mind tricks on people his light saber beam looking all wavy makes me think he built it without proper training where as Luke’s saber was smooth because it was built by a proper Jedi. My biggest problem is that his entire attitude is like Anakin in EP3, whining little bitch who’s got daddy/mommy issues. Vader was a proper villain who was calm and in control when he started to force choke people. So I’m hoping Kylo Ren is a more proper Villain in the next film.

    I also think that Rey is actually Leia’s daughter and that she was dropped off on that planet after Ben went all darkside in an attempt to keep her away from him. Then that would setup a brother/sister dynamic similar to father/son with Vader and Luke. She could be Luke’s daughter, maybe Kylo Ren killed her mother. But I would think the whole Jedi’s never have family thing would still be in effect and Luke wouldn’t have had a child. I keep thinking back to one of the trailers. “The force is strong in my family, my father has it, I have it, my sister has it, you have that power to”, they rearrange it a little bit from ROTJ but I feel like he’s talking to her Rey so she has to be related to him somehow. It also explains why the light saber called out to her.

  15. You could make a drinking game out of how many times Henry says “Lupita Nyong”. We get it Henry, you know how to pronounce her name. We are really impressed.

    It’s like if you were talking about Empire and constantly referred to Yoda as Frank Oz.

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