Cape Crisis – The Lost Holiday Special!


Now this is a real blast from the past – kept in the vaults for a whole year, this look back at the ’70s rock hits of Spider-Man! Henry, Chris, and Dave give all of it a listen in this, the first of two holiday break specials! Get ready to rock out with your web shooters out…


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6 thoughts on “Cape Crisis – The Lost Holiday Special!

  1. I’m very excited for this. I actually just finished listening to CC #117 (which was recorded around the same time) just because I love Chris’ Denny’s adventures so much. That’s actually a very dark/depressing episode if you haven’t heard it recently.

    I’m glad (from what I can tell) 2015 has been a better year for the LT family. Merry Christmas to Hank, Chris, Dave, Brett, and all the CC fans, have a great vacation!

    1. I also had re-listened to ep 117 this week. Chris’s Dennys story is always worth revisiting. And, ep 117 was also infamous for being off topic, going off on many a tangent but that is typically what I look forward to on podcasts on the LT podcast network.

      Merry Christmas all

    2. This was a GREAT episode. While I always like these musical/listening session “special episodes,” I really liked the format this one took.

      Henery had obviously listened to this at least once before, and him being able to set up songs and explain lyrics made this episode much better than previous specials.

      Great job guys!

  2. have you guys played that doctor octopus song before? I know I’ve heard it before, but I can’t imagine having heard it anywhere other than through one of you guys.

    I’m glad you got to share this with us now. it made my weekend.

  3. I think these are the least terrible songs that have ever been featured on a Cape Crisis special. They’re so not-terrible, some of them are actually quite good. I think it’s funny that Brett complains so often about sad Spider-Man, but even back in the 70s, almost all of these are about how much it sucks to be Spider-Man.

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