Laser Time – The Best of 2015


Taking a look back at a colossal year’s worth of movies, television, music and more to bring you our picks for the best dang media of 2015!


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21 thoughts on “Laser Time – The Best of 2015

  1. I’m very stoked to listen to this. I always enjoy these retrospective episodes.

    For a second I misread the title as the “Best of Laser Time 2015” which made me realize I wouldn’t mind a CBB/VGM-style clip show where you guys chat in between clips of your favorite episodes of the year.

    I remember Chris saying the T-Dar Christmas specials were relatively easy since 90% of the work was already done and recorded, but that could be a cool idea to apply to LT in the future.

  2. Am I the only one still watching Ash Vs The Evil Dead ? because it sometimes feels like it even you guys forgot to mention it.

    1. I watched like the first few episodes and I thought they were really good but the episodes felt like they moved so fast that I decided to wait for a complete season release and watch it like a series of movies.

  3. I’m sad that you guys didn’t talk about Other Space while y’all were talking about Yahoo series that were mostly ignored. it was so good.

    anyhoo, see y’all in 2016!

  4. When y’all talked about music I would like to mention fuckin’ Teens in Trouble. Lizzie Cuevas’s newest band is awesome. I just received the 7 inch record and holy shit that B side rocks. And thanks to Christmas I’ve gotten a lot of TV and Movie Blu-rays and two standouts so far are “Better Call Saul” and “Chappie”, but I agree with Chris’s opinion that it isn’t amazing. I do have to say fuck those last like 15 minutes.

  5. I think Ash vs Evil Dead and Jessica Jones belong near (if not at) the top of Best of 2015 list. They’re definitely the things that Ioved most this year, outside of say Star Wars and Fallout.

  6. Full disclosure I have not listened to the episode yet, but here is my list :

    Movie of the year: Creed.

    Music: Mad Max score.

    Game: Rainbow Six when it is working when it is not working I have to go with Witcher 3.

    TV: The Man in the high castle .

    Straight to video Horror film of the year: The last shift.

  7. Thanks for mentioning south park in the wrap up, that has been one of the most under the radar enjoyable shows for me this year. I do think Henry is projecting about his climate change hot take but do agree with his opinion on Review, that show is wonderful.

    Can’t wait to buy Fargo season 2 on iTunes and catch up! Have a wonderful new year

  8. Mad Max all the way. I can’t remember the last time an action movie of all things stuck with me, wanting to see it at the cinema again and again. It is the exact sort of picture that you can point to when talking about the difference between good action and bad (Bay) action.

  9. I am not pointing this out just to be a jerk but isn’t it amusing how much Henry and Chris complain about not having enough time to do things they want immediately after a segment where they talked about 20 or so shows they have watched the entire seasons of. If you add that to all the comics and wrestling content they talk about watching it’s pretty obvious they do have plenty of time but not realizing as they get older their own preferred way to consume media is changing. They prefer serialized shows over video games or seeing movies that they won’t obviously love or talk about on a podcast.

    My long-winded point is there is nothing wrong that. I’m hoping they come to accept it and tone down the whining.

    I’m a big laser time podcast network fan and patron, here’s to another great year. ^_^

    1. The amount of good media that these days falls into the scope of what the Lasertime guys enjoy is quite simply astonishing.
      That is borne out by your first sentence.
      Even with the massive amount of content they’ve managed to consume, there’s still much more out there waiting to be watched, read, played, or heard.

  10. Loved the episode, as always. The fact that you got to hang out with Justin Roiland makes me incredibly happy.

    This season of South Park was brilliant, Henry, it is okay if people like a show that maybe has (or had) a different opinion than you when it comes to climate change, still love you bud!

    Laser Time remains as my favorite podcast, many have come and gone from my subscription list, since I found Laser Time in late 2014 it has been at the top of the list and will remain there.

  11. Henry is totally right about the south park guys not believing in climate change, but they did eventually do a sly nod that maybe they were wrong in the imaginationland episodes when Manbearpig comes to reality and a very big deal is made that he’s real

  12. RE: South Park – I think Trey and Matt are obviously liberal, even though they would be loath to admit it. In the end, the guys are basically contrarian trolls. That said, I think some people really overthink this show and it’s not as deep as everyone thinks it is, despite having some brilliant episodes. The biggest problem is that some people think Cartman and, to a lessor extent, Mr. Garrison are the heroes of the show, when they are actually completely psycho. The real voices of reason on the show are Kyle, Stan, Token, Wendy, and Sharon – and I think those characters are the real filter for Matt and Trey’s overall views.

    However, we *might* be reading too much into a show that once had an episode about a sentient shake-weight that taught people how to give better hand jobs, and another episode that depicted U2’s Bono as a literal piece of shit.

    I think the show is always hilarious and PC Principal cracked me up.

  13. Since you guys were raving about Nathan For You, I have to recommend the season 1/2 DVD. There’s a commentary track with the Bill Gates impersonator and it’s the most insane commentary I’ve ever listened to.

  14. This was really an incredible year for media. And you guys have given me a few more things to check out. For my personal list of the best of the year, I have to add Jurassic World. It may not be Oscar-worthy, but it was almost exactly the Jurassic Park fan fiction I wrote when I was 8. And for TV, Leftovers season 2. That show is absolutely incredible, maybe my favorite that HBO has ever made.

  15. One quick note about this great episode. Just about the time the final season of Community was released on Yahoo, a Yahoo app showed up on my TiVo.
    This meant I could watch it on my TV in the living room instead of on my PC or tablet. This also meant my husband and I could watch it together.
    I’m not trying to be an ad for TiVo, I just wanted to let you know that there was a living room option out there (at least for TiVo users).

  16. Hey guys mind making a list of the shows you mentioned some that I didn’t that you mentioned sounded really good like the one about a guy basicly showing what its like to do stuff. Also good podcast was riveted the whole time. Also Happy New Years guys

  17. Great pod guys, but yall forgot possibly the best thing of the year: Hamilton! I’m not that much of a musical guy, but good lord is it amazing. I had been waiting for it since Lin Manuel Miranda talked about it like 2 years ago on an episode of MbMbAM and it did not disappoint. I also have to plug my guy Michael Christmas, who’s album What a Weird Day was my favorite album of the year (not named To Pimp a Butterfly). He’s a weird, awkward Boston rapper who first started getting noticed for his song Michael Cera, a song full of Arrested Development and Superbad references about how awkward and lame Michael Christmas is, and his most recent effort is pretty damn good.

    Also since you were talking about Grantland, Bill Simmons is launching a new show on HBO next year (and maybe a website? He hired about half a dozen editors from Grantland so I’d guess that’s coming too) and his podcasts have been pretty good this year. If you only have time to listen to one check out the one with Michael B Jordan about Creed, or his Spotlight/All the Presidents Men pod.

  18. I was going to write about my favorite music in 2015, but I just made a really good sandwich. It’s a pretty standard rotisserie chicken on whole grain with lettuce and tomato, but I added some bacon I just cooked, Beecher’s flagship cheese, and a light dusting of ghost chili pepper flakes. Guys, it’s so good.

    1. My favorite album of 2015 is Visions by Grimes because even though it came out in 2012 I didn’t hear it until this year. Her album that actually did come out this year, Art Angels, is also really good (and more accessible) but doesn’t hit me in the same spot as Visions.

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