VGMpire’s Album of the Year and 2015 review


Didjda catch our end of year review and 2015 Album of the Year episodes? They’re both live on iTunes and the VGMpire main site!

First came the annual Year in Review episode, which covers new games and OSTs released that year. As you can see, the 2015 edition includes tracks from Bloodborne, Ori and the Blind Forest and Codename STEAM – the latter of which is truly incredible. But there’s more, too, from Xenoblade Chronicles X, Rocket League, Witcher III… actually just go check it out!


And then there’s our 2015 AOTY, Undertale. There’s plenty to say about this soundtrack, and nearly all of its 100 tracks are worth calling out of the show. The variety and sheer “fun” of this OST is what earns our 2015 award. Oh, and if you recall Tropical Freeze being 2014’s AOTY, composer David Wise answered some of our questions in a quick Q&A!

Thanks for all the VGMpire support this year, which includes unlocking VGMini and VGM Uncut! Patrons can expect a message about the latter soon… I have some Qs about how you’d like that show to be presented. And with any luck we’ll keep landing cool guests to bring new voices onto the show – tho in addition to Tommy we did talk to Jake Kaufman back in 2012, y’know!






2 thoughts on “VGMpire’s Album of the Year and 2015 review

  1. The first time I heard Megalovania was what inspired me to purchase Undertale. I had heard about the game from friends for weeks leading up to it, but for whatever reason, the game’s music was what pushed me over the edge. Great soundtrack.

  2. It was really a great year for music. Hope you do do that splatoon episode. meanwhile, thanks for doing a more or less spoiler free undertale music episode. all of it was great! both episodes. Great.

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