Jan 1-7 – Secret supercars, Seinfeld’s Rye and an Office booze cruise


Our pop culture time machine kicks off with a look at notable movies, TV and music from 1986, 1996 and 2006. It’s a nostalgia explosion you can’t escape!


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39 thoughts on “Jan 1-7 – Secret supercars, Seinfeld’s Rye and an Office booze cruise

  1. I am beaming with delight! This show is a great fit for the network. It gets everyone involved, and hearing some Brelston nostalgia is always a treat.
    Also, the theme and logo are perfect!

    1. Brett, you need to bring in Dave for the Sports Entertainment 30-20-10…

      January 4th, 1986 – NWA Championship Wrestling: Ric Flair and The Four Horsemen vow to get revenge against Dusty Rhodes for hurting Arn Anderson.

      January 2nd, 1996 – ECW Hardcore TV 141: ECW celebrates their first show in New York City.

      January 4th, 2006 – New Japan Pro Wrestling Toukon Shidou Chapter 1: Brock Lesnar retains his IWGP Heavyweight Championship in the main event of the Tokyo Dome show against Shinsuke Nakamura.

  2. Awesome, I’ve been looking forward to this as I love the concept and Brett is always good with stories and being on point.

    That said, I almost mistook it for another article but I suppose it will get it’s own podcast “colours” soon, so to speak.

  3. I like to think Twenty Thirty Ten as Laser Time’s younger brother. Brett was born to host something like this. Plus I’m loving the theme.

  4. This show… these shows… I can’t believe how good at this you guys are getting. This idea is great and I’ve been so excited for it ever since you announced it!

  5. I really like this show, especially because it involves the hosts discovering things too. It feels like this show is 1/3 wow people used to watch this stuff 1/3 remember when this was the hot shit and 1/3 hey I actually know what they’re talking about (born in 1994 so yeah, it’s practically impossible for me to get every reference these folks make).

  6. Great episode! Can’t wait to hear more, this seems like the sort of thing Brett “Datemaster” Elston was born to do. Also love having Diana on more podcasts! She’s always great. 😀

  7. Of course this is awesome! It’s impossible at this stage for the Lasertime crew to make anything other than gold, cheers lads I love this!

  8. T3’s a hit so far! I especially appreciate how you guys found earnest good for ten years ago, because if I were in your shoes, I’d be grumbling about how my adolescence was wasted on the Bush years.

  9. Well done guys, it was amazing hearing Diane on the podcast along with the regular crew. I do have a few pointers though.

    1. I loved the concept of this podcast, and the execution is well done. But, the one gripe that I do have is that while you folks don’t remember the 80s stuff as much as the 90’s and 00’s I think slowing down and covering maybe one major thing from that week might be in the long run the best idea. Say the week the Berlin Wall fell, cover that for a good chunk of the 80’s portion. I remember being very, very young and my mom and dad being amazed to see it happening on TV. I remember asking many questions, and not understanding the limited answers my parents could provide to my 5 year old curious self.

    2. While the show was on point from start to finish, and the info given was all correct I kind of see this as a more intimate and personal podcast where members can share moments in their lives at this time like happened with Henry and Chris in the 00’s section. Don’t skip these personal antecdotes, its one of the few things that I love because although I’ve spent almost a decade with you guys on this show, you are all still enigma’s I want to solve. The Comedy Button appeals to me because they share their lives, past and present, and while I don’t think you guys are in competition with TCB, telling personal stories can never hurt.

    3. This was a pilot, and there are bugs to iron out, and I want to say again, holy crap! This show can and should be a cornerstone of any LaserTimer, not to mention depending on how it develops over the next few weeks I serious see this concept getting you guys even more notice.

  10. A phenomenal first episode. But as always, we need more Grimm! I’d love to know what that Irish rascal was doing back in 96.

  11. Finally, a show with Diana as a regular host! Keep up the great work, this was an excellent first show and clearly a perfect fit for Laser Time.

    A small request, can this be the one show on the network that doesn’t devolve into fucking wrestling?

  12. I came to Laser Time for the rampant nostalgia; I stayed for the hosts that elevated it far above the usual “remember this thing that happened?” chatter, and Thirty-Twenty-Ten continues that grand tradition. Great first episode, guys! Hopefully this’ll pull in some more Patreon donors so we can re-unlock Brett!

  13. The movie Diana is talking about with Nicolas Cage and Tommy Lee Jones is called Fire Birds – a blatant Top Gun knock off, but with Apache helicopters. It is astonishingly bad, but Jones is a total pro and gives a performance well beyond what the movie deserves. Cages hams it up and chews plenty of scenes. And Sean Young is, well, fucking awful. How she ever got any work is beyond me.

    PS – I graduated high school and started college in 1996, and I very much remember gas costing as little as 85 to 95 cents at the time.

  14. This is amazing! I’m very happy to have another show to get me through the week. Brett is the perfect host for this, and having Diana on regularly adds a whole other dimension. Plus, awesome theme music. Great first show, I’m excited to listen to next week’s!

  15. Great first episode, I’m really looking forward to this show! I’m closer to Diana’s age than the other guys (I’ll be 40 this year) so I’m loving the nostalgia overload this will bring! Also, please give Diana whatever she wants to keep her as a regular co-host!

    The theme music was also spot on, and I find myself replaying it a few times. BTW who did the theme music? Any chance we can get an mp3 of the theme (maybe as a Patreon bonus)? I recognized Nirvana and Backstreet Boys as the template for the 90’s and 00’s parts, but what was the inspiration for the 80’s bit?

    Keep up the great work guys!

  16. Fun show but I’m having a tough time relating having not grown up in America.

    You guys are, as always, relentlessly entertaining. But Diana is a treasure. I’m this close to joining Twitter just to follow her.

  17. This show is a lot of fun. I’m definitely on board!

    I wonder what you’d think of a part of the show announcing births/deaths? I think only deaths is really relevant but a little morbid

  18. Great concept and a great 1st episode! I was in high school in the mid 80s so I have a few years on Diana. It was great to hear all those reminders of the things I grew up with. Can’t wait for the next episode.

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