Cape Crisis #170 – Starting The New Year With Hellcat


Hank, Chris, Brett, and Dave are starting the new year of comics off right with a revamped show, including a biography of Patsy Walker and some big news, plus what they read over the break and a big helping of comic news and community answers!


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Cape Crisis #170 Question: What comic stuff are you looking forward to in 2016?

11 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #170 – Starting The New Year With Hellcat

  1. I hope this new format doesn’t remove the rambling conversations. I wanna hear about what Henry had for lunch today!

  2. Hellcat was a pleasant surprise, it reminded me a lot of the recent Batgirl stuff (which has been pretty awesome). I’m hoping to hear if you guys checked out the new A-Force, since I remember someone saying the prior series had been cool but I haven’t checked the relaunch out yet.

  3. I like the new format of this and Cheap Popcast of putting the special feature first and the current events/news afterwards.

    It facilitates going back to watch it again later. The timeless stuff is at the beginning, and the stuff that’s likely to not be relevant anymore is at the end, where you can easily just stop listening on a repeat viewing.

  4. FUCK YES Dino Pebbles! I have been telling my friends for the last 20 years that this is my favorite cereal of all time. Vanilla Flavored Pebbles with Marshmallows? YEEEEESSSSS!

  5. I liked the new format and the Patsy Walky history lesson. Is anyone else reading The Ultimates by Al Ewing? A diverse group of under used heroes going on cosmic adventures with wonderful art by Kenneth Rocafort. Only been 3 issues but I am quite taken with it.

  6. QotW:

    1. Betty and Veronica reboot – I can’t get enough reboot Archie.
    2. Dynamite’s James Bond – a few issues of the first storyline VARGR are already out. This is not any of the film versions of Bond, but their own take on the character and as a lifelong Bond fan, I’m excited to see what they do with the character.
    3. Ghostbusters International – Venkman busting ghosts overseas – what’s not to love?

  7. QOTW: I’m looking forward to Image’s release of Octopus Pie. I loved the web comic but their non-Image collections often sold out and I was unable to get them unless I give money to the secondary market and not the creator. So I love the idea of giving money to the creator (yes I also a LT patron) and restarting a series I’ve lost track with.

  8. Don’t want to be “they guy who works at the comic shop who has to correct you”, but I guess that’s my role these days. …

    That “top sellers for Diamond” list is bogus. It’s not the top comics sold by retailers. It’s the top list of comics sold TO retailers. The reason why Bravest Warriors and Orphan Black are on the list isn’t because comic shops ordered a ton of them and sold them. It’s because Loot Crate ordered tens of thousands of them for their exclusive variants. Even though Orphan Black and Bravest Warriors had special Loot Crate covers, they still get counted in Diamond’s total sales (which is pretty sketchy). And while Star Wars did sell REALLY well, they also had a Loot Crate exclusive, which greatly helps why SW got the top spot. Since Diamond is literally the only distributor for comics, there’s no other place for Loot Crate, Geek Fuel, and any other subscription box to get their exclusives.

    As someone who spends 5 days a week at a comic shop, I can tell you that Orphan Black and Bravest Warriors do not sell enough to warrant being on that list. It’s just Diamond trying to present the comic industry as being healthier than it really is.

  9. Chris: Invader Zim is up to issue 6 they’ve been once a month. All the back issues are like half off digitally so check them out.

  10. I’m looking forward to the ‘All Hail Optimus’ story line in the Transformers comics. It seems that Optimus Prime, who now has the status of something of a god in the comics, will be trying to adopt Earth in the Cybertronian Council of Worlds (lead by Starscream of all people) to defend it against invasions. But while this dissension is made with good intentions, the people don’t really like to be ruled by 20 feet tall robot cars.

    Hijinx ensue.

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