Jan 8-14 – Bugs Turns 50, NewsRadio vents and Chiklis gains a nemesis


We discuss Bugs Bunny’s celebrity-dense 1986 birthday bash, a dash of Golden Girls and a whole lot about News Radio and 3rd Rock From the Sun. Plus, The Shield gets even better!


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24 thoughts on “Jan 8-14 – Bugs Turns 50, NewsRadio vents and Chiklis gains a nemesis

  1. I watched a crap ton of 3rd Rock From the Son and News Radio in re-runs, even up into the 2010s. Can’t wait to hear Chris go off on Bugs Bunny for a while.

  2. I remember watching the first episode of the second season of lost on my “sick” day off from school (high school) a day after it aired. They were pirated on a disc and i watched them on my old black dell family pc. This was also the first time I heard about the pirate bay. That episode has always been a very iconic and one of the best holy shit moments for me when I was younger.

  3. Great episode! I agree with Chris, although the Weasel is a stupid character he’s great in small doses. His best movie is obviously The Goofy Movie though. “The leaning tower of cheese-a” Also I was born today in ’86 and im offended no one mentioned it!

  4. Strangely enough there was another Bugs Bunny 50th birthday special in 1990, which is the one I remember watching. It even had a short preview of Tiny Toons. Actually I think most of the Bugs anniversary stuff was from 1990, I have no idea why there was a special in 1986.

    1. YUP. All dead and I was quite confused on what they were pitching. I thought I had missed a piece about another show being brought back as a golden girls style. But a direct revival with the original cast can’t fly unless they use holograms.

      1. They were talking about the gals from Sex in the City just doing a reboot of Golden Girls as the sane characters.

  5. I remember all the 1990 birthday stuff for Bugs. I had the magazine and got Birthday Blowout for NES for my birthday. I was such a Looney Tunes kid.

  6. As someone who suffered through the popularity of D4L & Laffy Taffy in high school, its a little surprising to see that song was still #1 on the charts in early 2006. Also, Henry trying to understand the point of the song is so adorable.

      1. Laffy Taffy IS a vagina, specifically the labia. Henry is right. It’s called that because that specific area looks like taffy. Henry should gloat in everyone’s faces next episode.

  7. Your Sports Entertainment rewind continues!

    January 13, 1986: WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan defeats Bob Orton Jr. in front of a sell out crowd at the Quebec Forum.

    January 8, 1996: During an episode of Monday Night Raw the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase introduces “The Ringmaster” Steve Austin during the Brother Love show and awards him The Million Dollar Championship.

    January 9, 2006: To celebrate winning the WWE Championship, Edge and Lita have a “Live Sex Celebration” on Monday Night Raw.

    1. 2006 was a weird revival era of the Attitude style of television. More blood, more sex, more bizarre and adult oriented segments.

  8. Did Henry tell a story about a movie that wasn’t even part of this year, so he could use the phrase “N word?” Why does Henry seem to find a way to say “N word” in every podcast he’s on? If it ‘s such a deplorable word that it can’t be said in direct quotes, why is the audience made to say the word in our heads so often when the hosts bring it up?

  9. I watched a lot of 3rd Rock From The Sun on Paramount Comedy in the UK. Teenage me reeeeeeeeally liked Kristen Johnston aka Sally Solomon. To this day the title of the show is how I remember the order of the planets in the solar system.

    News Radio got a lot of hype before it debuted on Paramount Comedy but I didn’t enjoy it. I think I gave up after the in space episode because I just didn’t get it at all. It was no Just Shoot Me!

  10. Really like the new show. Nice to see News Radio get some love. Think is it one of the most underrated sitcoms. Phil Hartman at the height of his powers was incredible as Bill McNeil.

  11. I wasn’t really alive or aware for much of the podcasts reach being born in 1995 but its still interesting to hear you guys talk about it. I feel like I’m exploring bits of contemporary culture I missed out on.
    I used to watch a ton of Looney Toons as a kid to the point where I feel I’ve seen most of them. Its weird to think how Bugs is still a relevant cultural figure even though he hasn’t really been in anything with the quality of the original cartoons in ages.

  12. Hell yes! Wasn’t expecting to hear Napalm Death this episode. Brings me back to being a loser in high school and wearing my Fear, Emptiness, Despair shirt in school pictures.

    Bret also mentioned Ministry. I just finished reading Al Jourgensen’s autobiography and it is one of the most ridiculously over-the-top, misogynist, tryhard things I’ve ever read. I guess it’s sort of entertaining, but the whole thing is just the depressing everyday reality of being a hardcore junkie, mixed with a bunch of tall tales: “And then I did more heroin, and then we made girls have sex with dogs in the studio, and then I did more heroin, and then I had sex with a paraplegic girl in a wheelchair and squeezed her colostomy bag, and then I did more heroin, and then I shoved deli meat up my ass when I found Metallica in my dressing room and charged Lars Ulrich with salami hang\ing out of my cheeks, and then I did more heroin etc.”

    1. Sometimes when I read an autobiography I come away with newfound respect for the person, but this one made me think “Al Jourgensen is a fucking terrible human being and it’s a miracle he isn’t dead yet”

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