New Cloverfield movie revealed just two months before release


Remember Cloverfield? The modestly successful found-footage apocalyptic monster movie from 2008 is getting a sequel called 10 Cloverfield Lane, and it’s out in less than two months. Um, what?

As far as movies go, it’s pretty hard to spring a surprise on the general public. Artists publicize upcoming work, eager fans find photos of sets, studios greenlight and announce sequels immediately, and marketing machines start a half-year or longer in advance. However, Cloverfield isn’t your average sci-fi franchise. Released just about 8 years ago from a studio best known for high-concept television, the monster mystery was quickly buzzed-about amongst film fans before becoming an afterthought by the end of the year. So yeah, that’s getting a sequel (called 10 Cloverfield Lane) in less than two months, and we’re only seeing the first trailer right now. It kind of all makes sense in a weird way, doesn’t it? Here’s the trailer:

Even though it’s not found footage nor filled to the brim with CW stars, 10 Cloverfield Lane still seems to tie to some of the original Cloverfield’s themes; especially keeping the titular monster at bay. Instead, this low-budget film from unproven feature film director Dan Trachtenberg will focus on a tense quarantine situation where John Goodman is keeping Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Gallagher Jr. underground due to an outside threat (apparently the first film’s monster, though who knows what twists Abrams has in store). And of course it’s got some LOST ties that Bad Robot fans should recognize as a creepy shut-in plays oldies in a bunker. At least we know what’s in the hatch this time! Kinda…

What do you think of this trailer? Is the younger male star a Dave Rudden doppelganger? Sound off below!

5 thoughts on “New Cloverfield movie revealed just two months before release

  1. I am so glad we have film makers like JJ Abrams who seem to enjoy messing with our minds. I remember enjoying the original Cloverfield a lot. As a lost fan I appreciated that this trailer still leaves the classic Abrams/ Bad Robot mystery feel like the first movie did. And seeing someone like john goodman there was a great surprise, gotta love john goodman, lets just hope he last longer than 30 mins.

  2. Color me intrigued. I really enjoyed the first movie, and the amount of restraint in this trailer is appreciated. Also I’m a huge LOST fan, so this hit that part of my brain as well. Eager to see more about this.

  3. Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! I remember seeing the original Cloverfield trailer in front of the first Michael Bay Transformers movie and instantly being intrigued. In the months leading up to the movie, I got hooked by the viral marketing. I’ve been waiting for a sequel for so long. And now it is going to be in theaters in time for my birthday! YAY!

    P.S. I wrote an article about my love of Cloverfield. You can read it at:

    1. Oh that’s a really good short catalog of the events, thanks for writing!

      I was checking out the viral stuff at the time too, I remember few artists on Deviantart drawing what they thought the monster looked like based on shaky-cam flashes of it. They were all wrong!
      I remember Cloverfield was the only movie I watched in the front row, and oh man it was a real roller-coaster!

  4. Call me a cynic but let’s hope it doesn’t just stay in the bunker for most of the movie… but hey, at least we’ve got John Goodman to keep us company in the meantime so it should be at worst watchable with that alone.

    What I’m saying is I really want this to work because I love monster movies so anytime someone goes outside of B-movie territory, it’s like the second coming for me.

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