Talking Simpsons – Principal Charming


Patty and Selma both have problems with relationships in this loverly episode that also shows Skinner’s closest thing to happiness, as well as Bart experimenting with grass…


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5 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Principal Charming

  1. I agree with Chris that this episode seems to have been removed from the syndication rotation (at least, during the mid- to late-90’s in Canada, when I was watching it). In fact, I’m not sure I even remember watching this episode, which considering how I basically watched 1-2 syndicated episodes a day over a few years, seems very unlikely unless it wasn’t in the rotation. There was also a really long time when Marge vs. The Monorail never aired in the rotation.

  2. Homer being the terminator in his search for a man is pretty great. As well as the school descending into madness because Skinner is happy. I’m sure you guys will have mentioned it, but it’s weird how Skinner says “a home cooked meal would be a nice change of pace” considering he lives at home with his mother.

  3. I’m loving the podcasts but a lot of the info seems to be recycled from the commentary tracks.
    I like hearing trivia and your feelings on it not really Al Jeans. I get it’s mostly quoting but that’s what that commentary is for.

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