The X-Files Resist or Serve: Watch Us Play This Shit!


Ever wanted to see The X-Files blatantly rip off Resident Evil? Watch us play the X-Files TV show follow-up that nobody wanted on Laser Time’s Shit Show at 3PM PST on Twitch!

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Laser Time streams every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 3PM. Tuesday is our “new and noteworthy” day, where we stream big releases and games in the zeitgeist. Wednesday is the Laser Time Shit Show, where we suffer through the worst games ever for your enjoyment. Thursday is our Weekly Nintendo Stream, where we play Nintendo’s most nostalgia-inducing games without fear of copyright strikes! Catch all of them on Twitch and YouTube!

2 thoughts on “The X-Files Resist or Serve: Watch Us Play This Shit!

  1. The more shit show streams I watch the more I want a Game Informer LaserTime cross over. Tim Turi’s personality gelled real well with you guys on Cape Crisis and LaserTime when he was in town, and Brett was a natural on the Code Veronica Super Replay. And I would add Dave to the mix because he seems to have more patients for bad games and I want to see a Turi VS. Rudden pun down! If you make it a goal on patreon to ship Dave and Brett to Minnesota for a weekend I’d up my pledge.

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