Cape Crisis #172 – Harley Quinn Comes To Life


Hank, Chris, Brett, and Dave talk double time about Harley Quinn and her new Suicide Squad trailer, plus the new/old Captain America, Jessica Jones spoiler talk, your QOTW answers, and MORE…


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Cape Crisis #172 Question: What’s your favorite recasting of a superhero role?

8 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #172 – Harley Quinn Comes To Life

  1. I didn’t initially like the Suicide Squad trailer, but watching it again I think I’m sold enough the check it out. Harley Quinn doesn’t really feel right to me, but Joker seems intresting and Jokery enough.

    Also super excited to finally hear some Jessica Jones spoiler talk

  2. Been really enjoying the super hero/ villain insight segments at the start of the episodes, Its like hanks corner on crack!

  3. QotW: Mark Hamill as the Joker. His voice is what I hear in my head when I read the comics. There is no other Joker.

  4. I just picked up watching Batman TAS again and man I do miss that original Harley costume. I don’t think any of her other costumes and redesigns have matched it.

  5. Great overview of Harley Quinn’s history. I didn’t know there was such a deep history to her character because I only encountered her in Batman TAS and in Arkham Knight.

  6. Believe it or not, that petition for a PG-13 Deadpool is not that unusual. I’ve been noticing lately on IMDB for new or fairly recent R rated movies, there’s always some people in the comments saying that they wished the movie was rated PG-13 so they could see it. It must be a generational thing – these kids are growing up with PG-13 as the norm and R rated as the rarity, whereas we grew up with R rated as the norm and know how watered down PG-13 movies have gotten.

  7. How much as I like Kevin Conroy’s Batman, and he will always me my go-to-Batman in my mind, at this moment I only want Will Arnett doing the voice of Batman. Warner Brothers, if you eventually bring Batman v Superman out on Blu-ray, please add a voice track to it where you can replace Ben Affleck’s voice with that of Will Arnett.

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