Venture Bros Meet “The Avengers” in New Season 6 Trailer


January 31st, Midnight. Adult Swim. You had me at Night Dick.

Now is a time to rejoice.

venture bros season 6 laser time

I think I could write a pretty convincing think piece on how the world is much worse place every year humanity goes without a season of the Venture Bros. We haven’t seen hide nor hair from Team Venture for over a year. There hasn’t been a regular episode since July of 2013. These have been bad times. But thankfully, that drought is about to come to an end and this 90 second “extended trailer” is your proof.

I can’t tell you how happy this all makes me, to see the band back together and everything, with former bodyguard Brock Sampson possibly returning to the fold. Seeing Pirate Guy is a close second as far as trailer highlights go.


I haven’t scrubbed through the new trailer much, but I counted a shitload Marvel NYC representation, including new nods to The Avengers, (possibly) Modok, Kingpin, along with the previously revealed Nathan Fillion-voiced Brown Widow. Whatever, we welcome thee with open arms Fallen Archer, Think Tank and Night Dick. Just this week we gave Venture Bros a shoutout during Laser Time’s tribute to David Bowie, and you can see more video of that over on our Facebook page. I’ve never looked so forward to it being February, so I’m gonna be marking the January 31st midnight premiere in my calendar for fuck sure. How about you?


6 thoughts on “Venture Bros Meet “The Avengers” in New Season 6 Trailer

  1. Looks great that theyre interesting new things in the new setting, the ep1? of season 6 finally delivered on phantom limbs plot that I was disappointed didnt get resolved last season.
    Hopefully Dean gets some play as hes my fav character
    And thank god Brock is back, Srgt Hatred was funny at first but I really cant stand him anymore.

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