Laser Time – X-Files Philes


Back in the ’90s, we were scared of our own shadows, and one show expressed that fear better than any other, while also showcasing one of the greatest couples in fiction. Just as a new series premieres, we jump back into the X-Files


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17 thoughts on “Laser Time – X-Files Philes

  1. Can’t wait to listen to this. X-Files and Buffy were my favorite shows of the 90’s. I’ve been watching the old season on Netflix and I’m surprised how well they hold up. At least until they lost their handle on the overarching plot when I started to like the monster of the week episodes more than the core episodes.

  2. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. I’ve been in the process of rewatching the X-Files lately (I’m into season 5) and it’s still such a pleasant comfort food. Much like Batman the Animated Series, even most of the “bad’ episodes are enjoyable (or at least watchable) to me. The first episode of the revival was a bit of a mixed bag, but I’ll stick it out for the other five.

  3. Real talk great episode that makes me want to watch X-Files . So the question is; is it worth watching the entire run of the show or is there some cut down viewing order?

  4. I watched the show the night in debuted alongside another little show called The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. I thought X-Files was pretty good, but I said to myself: “Eh, probably won’t last a season.” I never watched on a regular basis, but when I did, I always enjoyed it. That said, I absolutely love the first movie.

  5. Man I loved X-Files, it might have been the first live-action show I made sure to watch every week. A potential topic for a future episode show could be the X-Files rip-offs that came out, similar to the Power Rangers rip-offs episode. It was so prevalent, even the Baywatch spin-off “Baywatch Nights” became an X-Files rip-off! Here’s a couple of lists:

  6. I have a confession to make… back when I was a kid the X-Files would come on after Raw (I think) and so I would sometimes have the TV still on and catch the opening bits of the show. I don’t really recall any of them except for one episode that scared the hell out of me and turned me off of the show entirely. It involved a black shadow like creature that only had red eyes and would creep out of the forest. I was so frightened by this thing that I couldn’t actually turn the show off, like I was paralyzed by fear. I’m pretty sure the episode title is “Detour” but I don’t really know for sure, though the monster looks familiar to my memory.

    1. Evolution is actually a really fun movie. It’s like the Ready to Rumble of sci-fi movies or a monster movie equivalent of Galaxy Quest. It’s stupid but it knows that it’s stupid. Would make for a good Monday Night Movie.

  7. I know I’m in the minority, but I enjoyed the first new episode. My biggest complaint is that it seemed too short, like it was going to be 90 min or two hours, but they cut it down to one. It was not perfect, but it was as good most as the late season episodes. I realize that might not be high praise, but it’s fine.

  8. Before we watched the new episode, my friends and I watched a bunch of classic episodes (well, classic to us). Bad Blood, Home, and Drive. It’s been years since I’ve seen Home, but it’s just as scary now as it was back then.

  9. I’ve been binging on this show on and off and watching them for the first time and hearing about these gimmicky episodes gets me excited. There’s a lot of filler episodes that are just sloooooooooooow, hard to watch and just dont really do anything with the main plot.

  10. I’ve never seen a minute of the show until this week so I’m glad you guys did this episode. I’ll probably check out some of the episodes mentioned here before the new series. Stuff like that black and white Cher episode and the Cops crossover definitely have my interest. If I had known the show had that stuff and not just lore stuff I probably would’ve watched earlier. I heard it had monster-of-the-week episodes but didn’t think it was as creative as it sounds!

  11. I Adore this show for every “jersey devil” there’s a “Jose Chungs from outta space” and some of the guest stars are awesome. Lucy Liu, Seth Greene, Bryan Cranston, Jack Black, Ryan Reynolds to name but a few. great show and cant wait for the return

  12. Even though I’ve never seen any X-Files I somehow know about Flukeman. Why is this the only X-Files knowledge I have?

  13. Since you guys joked about corrections and stuff, I feel like I have to be that nerd and point out that the first “goofy” or bizarre episode actually comes from Season 2. “Humbug” was written by Darin Morgan of “Jose Chung’s From Out Space” and “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose” and needless to say it’s very weird like those episodes, and definitely self-aware/ comedic like Jose Chung’s. Although it doesn’t go as far or get as weird as later ones, I think it’s fair to say this would be the true start of them thinking really outside the box.

  14. The Syfy show, Alphas, rips off the blindspot assassin from X-Files in it’s first season.

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