Talking Simpsons – O Brother, Where Art Thou?


It’s only the second season and Homer has found a long lost brother? Danny DeVito makes his first appearance on the show, and we take a trip to Detroit in this week’s podcast…


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12 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – O Brother, Where Art Thou?

  1. I’m with Hank, I wished they used Herb a lot more than they did in future episodes. I loved Herb as a character and Devito was just great.

  2. Hank mentioned they used Herbert appeared in one other episode, then mentioned a cameo in one I don’t even remember… But Herbert had a whole second episode in “Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes”. Did I just hear that wrong?

    1. He did say that, but they also mentioned herbs second episode a bunch. I’m guessing Hank just meant that he was in one other episode after they all stopped watching.

  3. Cheer up chris, you’re not a total failure!
    We lasertimers still love you! (Well, most of us at least … probbably more like half of us … actually, possibly not even that … I’m going to stop talking now)

  4. I was pretty shocked that they didn’t do some late season episodes with Herb… of all the characters they’ve done a lot with, why not bring back Danny Devito?

  5. The episode sums up what went wrong with the U.S. auto industry in the 80s, and how relying heavily on outdated crackpot ideas as to what the car of the future can truly be.

  6. Did Henry imply that the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou was based on this episode of the Simpsons? He must know that the title of this episode and the movie came from the Preston Sturges movie Sullivan’s Travels, right? If not, Diana certainly knows, and has seen Sullivan’s Travels.

    1. Henry probably doesn’t know that, but I did. You can’t prove that I didn’t know that. Unless it’s not true. Then I didn’t know that.

  7. Am I the only one who loved the joke that all the cars should have that little ball on the antenna so it’ll be easier to find. If they all have one they become pointless.

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