Jan 22-28 – The Challenger, The Super Bowl Shuffle and GTA goes to court


Dancin’ athletes, Underworld undergoes an Evolution, a video game is on trial, and an exploding space shuttle signals the end of America’s space program.

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22 thoughts on “Jan 22-28 – The Challenger, The Super Bowl Shuffle and GTA goes to court

  1. I have the same Challenger memory as Diana. I was in 4th grade and I remember the teacher wheeling in the downstairs TV ( I wen t to a small Catholic school) into the classroom and the 1st graders through 4th graders all watching it in our room. We had no idea what happened at first, then once the teachers realized what happened, they just shut off the TV. Later we all got memorial stickers with all their names on it and McAuliffe had an apple next to hers.

  2. The GTA: San Andreas thing reminds me of a recent controversy in Australia regarding the next gen re-release of GTA V. A group feminist sex workers complained about footage of someone playing in first person swinging an axe at Hookers (This was optional) and wanted the game off the shelves. The only two stores who took it off the shelves were Target and K-Mart. The story got me angry for a micro second until I remembered that who the fuck in Australia buys their games from K-Mart or Target.

  3. Queen of Hearts is one of those weird country songs I remember from my early childhood in the early 80’s when a few country songs, along with Elvira and the Gambler, seem to have been played on real radio stations, and didn’t absolutely suck the way country almost always does. I’ve always had a weird soft spot for this song.

  4. If you watch the anime movie Project A-Ko, one of the explosions towards the end was modeled after the Challenger disaster. The director admitted to it on the DVD commentary, saying they were rushed for time. It’s pretty blatant once you know what you’re looking for.

  5. I have Wristcutters: A Love Story on DVD, and it’s something…

    It’s a quirky, indy comedy about Zia, a woung man who kills himself in his bathtub, and goes to a weird semi-wasteland limbo place where all those who kill themselves go. He has wacky, depressing adventures, searching for his ex, who also killed herself. Tom Waits plays a strange, hobo/commune leader with a secret, and Shannyn Sossamon is delightful as the manic-pixie-dreamgirl Zia falls in love with. Will Arnett plays the “villain”.

    I actually remember kind of liking it, despite all this.

  6. Whoa guys no need to be so down on space. We’re a little behind in some ways but we also kicking ass in so many others. A big ass space station!An SUV sized robot on mars! Pictures of Pluto! Elon Musk landing a rocket!

    It’s not so bad! 🙂

  7. Chris is clearing room on his Vita for Persona? I hope that works out this time.

    Also, it was a throwaway comment you made, but as a Green Bay native and Packers fan, I have to say Bart Starr is still alive, albeit weakened by two strokes and a heart attack. He even showed up to a home game against the Bears to see Brett Favre during Favre’s jersey retirement ceremony (and yet we lost that game at home against our biggest rivals with two Packers legends being celebrated).

  8. gawd damn… I remember being in school when the challenger exploded. The entire school was in the cafeteria watching it on the tv. I remember one of the teachers crying the second it happened and just silence none of knew what was going on we knew but were too young to process it. There was a lot of trying to help little kids understand death after that in class for a long time.

  9. Don’t worry Chris, you’ll get another chance at an American Rabbit-style bit of trivia yet!

    On another note, I really disagree with the notion that space travel is a luxury. It is key to our long term survival due to over population and strained resources, also as said in the discussion it can develop new technologies, the next logical step of any advancing species…

    …or can we have another Superbowl Shuffle? 😛

  10. I completely forgot about the Danish drawing of Mohammed and all the fallout afterwards. I know there was serious issue, I what I found funny was that there was no issues at all with the Super Best Friends episode of South Park back in 2001, what the difference 5 years make & 9/11 I suppose.
    But just a look at the issues this kind of thing causes today… makes me sick at times how terrible the world around us has self destructed

  11. I have been a long time listner and contributer to laser time.
    I would like to be very clear in my protest by unsubscribing from every podcast lasertime produces, due to the extremly ill thoughtout response and handling of the prophet mohammed case that you covered in this week’s episode.
    Chris, i love you man, but some shit you shouldnt be joking about.
    Hope you all have great lives, and good luck in your future ventures.

    1. Sorry, man. Not sure what I said, but it certainly wasn’t to offend anybody on that level. Again, apologies. Shit like this can happen when you’re not walking that line between sensitive and silly carefully enough on the fly, and for that I can still take full responsibility. Just know that whatever I said came from a place of ignorance, not from any feelings of malice or ill will. Sure, I like to stay stupid shit, but I have no interest in offending anyone to this degree and especially not with this subject matter. All I can promise is I’ll go back and review the discussion and try and watch myself in the future. Sorry to lose ya.

  12. Bart Starr is alive, but the best player in Super Bowl 1 was WR Max McGee. This isn’t really a story about football though, it’s a story about drinking. Clutch, clutch drinking.

    The starting WR for the Packers that season was the excellent Boyd Dowler, and this being the olden times, most teams ran the ball far more than they passed. The Packers passed more than most, but still not much.

    McGee was Dowler’s backup, and famously flouted most of Vince Lombardi’s draconian curfews on a regular basis. He was not expected to play in the game and was out carousing in Hollywood until the sun came up. He famously told Dowler just before the game, “Don’t get hurt, I’m not in very good shape.”. He wasn’t just hung over, but still drunk when the game started. On the 2nd drive of the game Dowler separated his shoulder, forcing McGee into action. He was old, near the end of his career. He was drunk, and feeling awful. He had to borrow someone else’s helmet. And he went out and made this one handed catch:


    For the first TD in Super Bowl history. McGee played through his stupor and dominated the game, catching all 7 of his targets for 138 yards and 2 TDs. It is perhaps the greatest drunken performance in sports history outside of the Dock Ellis LCD no hitter.

    He served as a radio broadcaster for the team from 1979-1998. McGee died in 2007 at the age of 75. He fell off his roof, while cleaning out his gutters with a leaf blower.

  13. I legitimately lost count of the number of times that Henry or, especially, Diana was starting what sounded like an interesting anecdote or memory only to be completely steamrolled by Chris Antista simply beginning talking about something on his mind, regardless of who else was talking or what they were saying at the time.

    It is supremely frustrating, because more often than not those interrupted anecdotes aren’t revisited. They’re just gone, as the conversation moves away from them. And it’s especially careless when he’s bowling over another person’s story about the SAME THING. Henry’s Hot Coffee era “what I was doing at my job at the time” story is swallowed whole so that Chris can tell his OWN “what I was doing at my job at the time” tale. I can’t imagine it engendering a feeling of mutual respect around the table, but I’m over here and you guys are over there, so perhaps I’m out of line.

    As a listener, though, it is extremely trying.

  14. The lasertime crew has another hit on their hands! (Hit being a relative term for podcasts i suppose) I’ve really been enjoying the new show guys. A simple enough premise that can be spun out into areas the other shows don’t touch. Its great hearing Diana in a consistent role, she really has a voice the lasertime network has been needing, and a ridiculous wealth of knowledge. Hearing about Jean Claude Van Dam brought up alot of memories from when i was younger. For whatever reason that was the action star my dad tended to gravitate towards, and as such we had just about every movie by him. Oh boy he could not act his way out of a paper bag but he sure worked his “doing the splits on two elevated things” spot into every movie he could.

  15. I’m loving the show so far! Although I’m kinda nervous that it’s Friday and there hasn’t been an episode yet this week. @_@

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