Tron Downloadable Game Coming To Consoles In February


In what’s the biggest new Tron development in years, a download-only free-runner titled Tron Run/r has been confirmed for a February 2016 release. Check out the trailer and more images!

While we’ve certainly celebrated the House of Mouse’s major IP moves of this decade (like the Disney-Marvel alliance and Star Wars’ acquisition by Disney), it’s also had a sad side-effect of pushing the company’s previous attempt to capture the male youth market aside. After the merely modest success of Tron: Legacy five years ago, Disney has since snatched up every other toy-friendly franchise under the sun, leaving the Master Control Program all but deleted. While it’s a minor development, it’s nice to see a new Tron project in the works and coming our way in weeks. Check out the trailer for Tron Run/r below!

Even though the teaser doesn’t present it, you can rest assured that you’ll be using all form of Grid transportation as you run, cycle, and fly in this free-runner (one wonders why they don’t call it Tron Cycle/r or Tron Fly/r). While it’s likely we’ve seen the last full retail Tron game release, between this downloadable effort and last year’s Disney Infinity figurine release, it’s good to know this program will still run in some form on modern game platforms. You can check out the rest of Tron Run/r’s images below! If you want to hear our celebration of Tron: Legacy’s 5th anniversary back in December, it was one of our many weekly movie commentaries exclusive to Patreon donators. Join it and celebrate the franchise’s history!





3 thoughts on “Tron Downloadable Game Coming To Consoles In February

  1. I was just watching Tron Legacy the other night and really appreciating it, the visuals, the music and I even liked the story as some didnt., and I though the young Jeff Bridges looked great, yeah I said it.
    How do you think we got the young Michael Douglas from Antman.
    But I am reminded of how after waiting for so long they cancelled Tron 3
    Curse you Disney, youre making so much fucking content and this is the one franchise you own where youre like, nah.
    Making a Genie prequel over Tron 3, Fuck YOU!

  2. I’m glad that there’s still a slice of appreciation for Tron from Disney. I’d be perfectly fine if they just made the odd game or two for the next ten years and I love Tron Disney Infinity figures aswell.

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