Cheap Popcast #69 – Rumble and Raw Recap, Lucha Underground Return, & Bad WWE PPV Themes


Dave, Hank, and Chris take a musical trip through 2015 to pick last year’s worst WWE PPV theme, discuss the madcap Royal Rumble and Raw Fallout, before moving onto the stellar premiere of Lucha Underground’s second season.


QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Assuming he or she would be booked correctly, which remaining “never-before-in WWE” competitor would you like to see signed to WWE?

24 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #69 – Rumble and Raw Recap, Lucha Underground Return, & Bad WWE PPV Themes

  1. Ahh time to rant about the Royal Rumble again. HHH winning was the laziest and worst out come of the Rumble. Its an ego stroke one more time for the biggest ego in wrestling this side of Hogan and Vince. Honestly how hard would it be to have HHH just cost Roman the title in a double elimination as someone else wins the title to add to another feud? You just said how lazy it is when they just put Reigns in a number one contenders match for no reason. Could creative have done something creative? Nope we need the guy who steals nicknames from Christ to win the title again. Fuck this ending fuck this company I’m done for 6 months at least with them. Like when Randy Orton last won the title. If they want to make boring jerkoffs their champ fine I don’t have to watch or give them money. I didn’t go to Wrestlemania 29 in my back yard because I knew 4-6 months ahead of time HHH was going to face Lesnar and win and I don’t need that shit in my life.

    1. My answer for QOTW: The biggest WCW name to never be in the WWE for a proper run.. yes that’s right I’m holding out hope for a Stevie Ray appearance

  2. I know she’s now a trainer in the Performance Centre and retired but I would like to see Sara Del Rey have at least one match in WWE. It can be one of those Teacher/Student matches where she fights someone like Bayley or Sasha Banks.

  3. The wrestler I most want to see signed to WWE right now is Will Ospreay. He’s an amazing up and coming high flyer from the UK, and he’s gaining a ton of notoriety. His debut match with Mark Andrews at PWG BOLA last year was one of the most fun sub 15 minute matches I’ve ever seen, and apparently he recently had an early MOTYC with Marty Scurrl, another great UK indie guy. He’s also only 23, so he has plenty of room to grow.

    1. Here’s a good compilation that shows off what this guy can do. He probably wouldn’t be able to do much on the main roster, but he’d be amazing in NXT. He’s the guy I’m finding most exciting in the indies right now.

      1. Sorry for clogging up the comment section, but this is some pretty cool news. Just a few hours after I posted this, Meltzer revealed that Ospreay has been signed to New Japan. Hopefully working in Japan will get him to an even higher level than he is at now, and he should be able to have some great matches with the guys over there. By the way, ignore the video link in the last comment, that was for an old video that doesn’t feature most of his best stuff, this one’s a much better representation of his talent, sorry about the awful music:
        Also, he’s 22 not 23, which makes all this even more impressive.

  4. If WWE is going to raid New Japan, they need to do it right! Bring in Okada and Tanahashi, if only to hear the meltdown from the smarks about how WWE is killing New Japan. But seriously, I want Captain New Japan… we need more comedy wrestlers.

  5. I was going to say Bobby Roode. But since Henry beat me to the punch, I’ll say either “The Neon Ninja” Facade, “The Peacock of Professional Wrestling” Dalton Castle or “The Justin Bieber of Wrestling” Dylan Bostic. All three are great indy wrestlers that I have had the privilege of seeing live on multiple occasions. Castle currently wrestles for Ring of Honor. And Bostic did audition for the most recent season of Tough Enough.

  6. QOTW: Timothy Thatcher a.k.a. Dean Malenko with the body (and height) of Cesaro he has as much technical ability as the other beloved indy darlings but his aggressive mat technique is unique in that he always seems real intense and focused like he’s trying to beat you in a fight, never like he’s doing unnecessary flippy dippy stuff in an attempt trying to show off for the crowd, check him out he’s amazing . Seriously how is this man not signed with NXT, ROH or NJPW. Just watch this:

  7. If we are going to actually use the best wrestler, not in WWE, it has to be ADAM COLE BAYBAY! Seriously, the fact that Adam Cole, or Kyle O’Riley for that matter, haven’t already been scooped up by WWE (or TNA) shows how short sided some of these talent relations people are. Adam Cole has been money in CZW, ROH, and PWG while all the time not really given anything, but then evolves it into something great. Honestly, if you look at Cole vs O’Riley at Best in the World ’12, Cole vs Jay Briscoe last year at the Anniversary show, or literally any Adam Cole match at PWG, you will learn that he’s easily the best wrestler right now, that’s not on a big time weekly tv show.

  8. As someone who is a Fall Out Boy fan (still), I continue to find their music enjoyable. I don’t think Irresistible fits WWE marketing very well, but it isn’t a terrible track.

    Don’t really have anything to add to the conversation considering I haven’t been following pro wrestling too closely outside of this podcast, just wanted to comment.

  9. QOTW: I know this one is basically impossible now, but I’ll go with Nigel McGuinness. He actually had a contract in place in 2009 but failed a physical screening and went to TNA instead. After a decent feud with Kurt Angle he got lost in the shuffle (thanks Hulk Hogan) and eventually left TNA after testing positive for Hepatitis B. It’s a shame that such a great talent had such bad luck.

  10. My answer to the qotw is matt sydal because he has been killing the pwg scene and I feel he would have good matches against the smaller or larger guys in the WWE. But at the same time I agree that WWE would water him down like they do with all the truly badass wrestlers. Just let Neville fly damnit!

  11. My answer to the qotw would be Chikara wrestler Hallowicked. He has a great character and would work well with the WWE style. You could even bring in his tag partner Frightmare and have another creepy dude tag team.

  12. Not to get my back up or sound shitty, and don’t get me wrong, I love Sasha Banks, but saying she has the potential to be your biggest crossover star is entirely ridiculous. The Rock will probably forever be the biggest crossover star without question, Lesnar included. Also answering the QOTW, at this point, the biggest Indy darling to bring in and debut would most likely be Kazuchika Okada. Having seen him live on multiple occasions well before he was the Rainmaker, he has all the charisma and potential to be most likely an Intercontinental Champion, and I don’t mean that as a slight, I love the IC belt. Either way, any sort of Indy wrestler debuting with some sort of fanfare makes me a happy wrestling fan. Now they just need to put the Big Belt on Owens, then I’ll be entirely content with the WWE.

    1. Another good debut, that would bring legitimacy to the Tag Team division, would be the Briscoes, and I would mark out beyond all belief.

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