Talking Simpsons – Bart’s Dog Gets An F


Santa’s Little Helper is the worst dog of all time, but can Bart fix him up by the end of the episode? Only Bob, Henry, Chris, and Dave can say for sure in this podcast…



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11 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Bart’s Dog Gets An F

  1. In response to Henry’s dog story, when I was about five or so I was on top on top of my street with some people and there was this small little shit of a dog around, It might of been a Jack Russel but I dont remember the breed. I accidentally stepped on its paw and it jumped right up and bit me on the side of my face. It was a pretty deep bite at the time but luckily I didn’t get any scars because of it.

  2. To answer Chris’s challenge about the Assassins source material, they look like nearly every hi-top Nike sold in 1990. Most of these look like they should be strapped to a pair of water skis:

    By comparison, here’s the 1990 Agassi:

    If I had to pin it, it’s a mix two Bo Jackson-endorsed shoes: the 1990 Air Trainer SC III and the 1989 Air Trainer SC II (which has the giant, bandage-like superfluous Velcro strap).

    In a case of life imitating art, designer Raf Simons put out this atrocity just recently:

  3. you know, I think Chris is mostly right about the Assassin shoes being based visually on the Agassi shoes. They look a lot alike, but I thought about it and ALL of Nike’s shoes in that period looked like that. I had a pair of Bo Jackson’s from back then and they look like the Agassis AND the Jordans. Nike’s the worst. so uninventive and cheap. those shoes were SO CHEAP! they just fell apart and the cushion stuff was like wet styrofoam. the pump was definitely about those blasted Reebok pumps, which I also had a pair of and they also sucked. I would just sit in gym class and play with the pumps, squeezing the basketball, watching the little plastic buldge and then releasing the pressure. gimmick shoes of the 90s.

    I also had one of those black Bart Simpson shirts where he was saying “can’t touch this” haha.

  4. Hi Henry,
    Just to chime in that Mrs Wintrop is a parody of Barbara Woodhouse rather than Margret Thatcher.
    Woodhouse was a dog trainer and TV personality in Britain in the 80’s.
    Liked to say “WALKIES!” and “SIT!” a lot and loved a choke chain.
    Love the show(s)!!

  5. The Animal House ending text was a parody of American Graffiti. Definitely a case of the parody overtaking the original in most people’s minds.

  6. Just to be clear, Ullman’s suit against the Simpsons wasn’t settled, it was dismissed by the court on the merits, so she got nothing beyond the 58 grand Fox had already paid her in royalties for the Simpsons.

  7. So I guess this is my opportunity to tell this story since you guys brought up mumps and measles and the MMR shot, or whatever it’s called.

    It almost killed me.

    I got the shot when I was less than two years old, like you’re supposed to, had an allergic reaction to it, or something, and almost died. So I can’t get that shot ever again. I guess it’s lucky I was too young to remember any of it.

  8. Well i just realized that the later half of my comment was in reference to a vidjagame apocalypse episode i was listening to. 😛

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