Cape Crisis #174 – Supergirl Lands On Earth


Hank, Chris, and Dave go into the second most famous Kryptonian, along with Trump’s new friendship with Marvel’s CEO, strange DC Legends, football comics, and your replies to the QOTW…


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Cape Crisis #174 Question: What’s the worst costume change of one of your favorite characters?

9 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #174 – Supergirl Lands On Earth

  1. QotW: I miss Harley Quinn’s original costume. I don’t care for any of the newer ones that make her look like a stripper or member of a punk band.

  2. I haven’t watched that X-Files episode yet but I assume that the title “Mulder and Scully meet the Were-monster” is a reference to “Abbot and Costello meet the Wolf-man” since I’ve heard it’s one of the less serious episodes.

  3. I seem to remember the Moomins from my childhood, but I can’t find any information saying they were ever big in the States. They have been big in Japan, though, my girlfriend’s Japanese mom had Moomin stickers on her car. I’d guess Henry would recognize the Moomins if he looked them up.

  4. I totally grew up with the Moomins, or Mummitrollene as it was called over here. My favorite character was Snufkin. He was like a mix between John Lennon and Bear Grylls.
    And let’s not forget the Groke, the silent terror who brought winter in her wake. She was the scariest thing my young mind had to process in my early years.

    By the way: Taw-veh Yahn-sawn.

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